Space Shuttle from park?


Here’s an off the wall question, but the Space Shuttle will be landing on a day that we are going to be at Disney. Do you think we’ll be able to see it in the sky from the parks??? They say you can see it taking off from the parks, but what about the landing. Anyone ever been there when one landed??

I just thought it would be a neat thing to see…



I saw one land, but it was a long time ago, I was in jr. high. It looked like a big plane with a parachute behind it, we were pretty close, maybe 5 miles away. Unless it is close to the parks, or flies by, you won’t be able to see it.


We heard the double sonic boom from the last one in disney and the shuttle never came near disney. Wasn’t very loud if someone didn’t tell me what the noise was I would have thought it was a truck going over a bump outside.

They proably won’t know the landing path till the leave the space station or later, it is possible they will come over the disney area.


When is it scheduled to land?


I saw the shuttle lift off on the 4th from Disney. That was so awesome!!


That would be something you would remember forever! I hope you can see it!


We were in Epcot in 2002 when a shuttle was launched. didn’t see as much as a smoke trail. And as for planning when it will land, forget it, first it has to get up on schedule, and that’s already 9 days past.


Way too far away…about 55 miles. It’s almost impossible to see jetliners at cruise altitudes and that’s only 5-8 miles high.

You can see the smoke trail on the launch but the shuttle is a glider on the way back down.


I saw it years ago from the Transportation Center when it lifted off. Yes it was an amazing site.


Don’t know about the landing but you can definitely watch it take off. The next shuttle is scheduled to take off tomorrow weather permitting. I’ll have to step out my breakroom and watch it go at 12:29pm.


Rowdy, Sorry we didn’t get to meet you last week while we were there. We did get to meet Tessa.

I’ve gone to KSC three times to watch the shuttle launch and I’ve yet to be there when it actually goes up. I guess it’s just not meant to be!


I got lucky in 1986. I was going up to visit someone in Cocoa Beach. The day arrived was supposed to be the day it was landing, but the launch had been delayed. My friend had friends who always got passes for the launches, so I picked him up in the morning and off we went to the Cape. This was Columbia, the flight before Challenger blew up, and the crew included then Rep, now Sen. Bill Nelson.


It’s a 12 day mission, starting from the day it finally lifts off. It’s scheduled to go up on Sept 6, so it would land on the 17th sometime. That will be day 2 of our Disney Mission.

It was just a thought. I’ll have to keep an eye on the sky that day…

Thanks for all the cool replies…



let us know what you see. i ahve always wanted to see a shuttle lift off or land, but they change the schedule all the time, it is hard to plan around it.


All I knw is I made plans last Sunday to see the launch and spend the evening at WDW. Instead, the pad got hit by lightning, I had a non-refunable hotel room, and the shuttle didn’t launch. So, on that schedule, it would have been landing this Friday. I bet the shuttle doesn’t launch before Thursday now.


The launch today (Wednesday 9/5) has been postponed (wow, who would have ever thought) until possibly 12:03 PM tomorrow (Thursday 9/6).
Stay tuned for updates.
(Great,I can almost see this bugger not getting up until 9/21. If that happens, I guess I’ll leave for WDW a day early and detour through Cocoa Beach.)


The Landing Is Usually In Texas Or California, Is It Actually Landing On Cape Canaveral? I Live By Tampa Thats 150 Miles, And You Can Hear/see The Trail Of Smoke. Disney Is About 40-50 Miles From The Cape, You Should Be Able To See/hear Something When It Re-enters The Atmospher.


Incorrect, the preferred landing site is the Cape. The alternative site is CA.

Due to a agreement with Russia the launch for this month will be postponed until Oct.


There’s only one time the shuttle came down in Texas, and we won’t say anything else about that time. It either lands at Edwards in California or KSC in Florida. Once, it had to land at White Sands in New Mexico because both of the main landing areas weren’t usable and they had to land.


That was Columbia that landed there, they were still finding sand in it when they preped it for its final mission. White sands was activated for the first return to space mission becuase they needed to land, but ended up at edwards in California.