Spaceship Earth finally has new sponsor


Siemens AG, the global electronics and engineering company based in Munich, Germany, will be the new sponsor of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth hasn’t had a sponsor since AT&T decided not to renew when its longtime agreement expired in 2003.

Disney signed a 12-year agreement with Siemens that also includes putting its brand on the IllumiNations fireworks show as well as developing new exhibits for the Innoventions technology areas. Siemens presumably will put an exhibit in the now vacant post-ride area of Spaceship Earth that once was home to an AT&T exhibit.

Sylvania lighting, a division of Siemens, will now sponsor the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights at MGM. Siemens, by the way, is a major employer in the Orlando area.


Thanks for the information PH…love your reports. :heart:


Wow, I can’t wait to see any results of this new sponser. And Sylvania sponsoring the Osborne Lights should be interesting. By 2010 all of MGM should be covered in lights… completely. haha. How much do the sponsors have a say in the attraction? Like will Spaceship Earth get a complete overhaul now?


That’s great news and long over due. I can’t wait to see the post ride stuff, I’ve missed that the last few years.


Wonderful news! And what a great tie-in! Sylvania and the House of LIghts!!!


Does this mean they will paint over my initials? I carved them on the ride about 10 years ago. Ok - kidding. I was(am?) hoping they refurbish the ride.


They have a great deal of say… look at Test Track. They influence the direction of the experience they want and then sign off on the ideas they like from imagineers.


Good! I love this ride and now I hope they will do something with that exit! It was so nice when they had At&T sponsoring it. I can’t wait to see what will happen now!


I hope that SE gets a major rehab. It would be great to see that ride get a new ending as well as updates throughout the whole attraction. An IASW type rehab would be wonderful.


i am glad that siemens is now the new sponsor of spaceship earth and illumninations: Reflections of earth. what is to be in the post-ride show in spaceship earth presented by siemens.


Siemens is a great company and I think they have the ability to finally take SE into the 21st century (better late than never).

I’m hoping that SE doesn’t get a complete overhaul, but certainly the last 5-6 minutes of the ride could be updated with communication advances that are in the future as opposed to the recent past.


If they change the ride in any substantial way,I will be very disappointed!!!


I will just be glad if the room you exit into gets re done. I hate leaving that ride to walk thru a boarded up room…its such a let down for me.


I couldn’t agree more. The ride is fine the way it is. An interesting new use of the exit space would be great, though. I also hope they don’t change Illuminations.


I have to agree with changing the last 5 minutes or so…it does seem a bit corny. Also, the exit definitely needs something!


I certainly think the ride mechanics could be updated with a softer, more quiet enhancement. Then I could enjoy the ride a lot more.