Spaceship Earth opens Tomorrow!


I know many of you have already gotten to ride it and seen a lot of the revamped sights of the classic attraction, but for those who’ve yet, it officially reopens tomorrow!!! The new soundtrack, new Audio A’s, new scenes, and new features are too beautiful and give a great facelift to this great ride without changing the basic storyline. See ya’ll down here!


RR thanks for the update… you make it sound really tempting!


The updates are FANTASTIC . . . we :heart: it before, but now it’s REALLY GOOD! :wub:


WOOOHOOOO! I CANNOT wait to see it in October! :heart:


I actually passed up the opportunity to ride this, last week. I’m very mad at myself for deciding not to ride two newly rehabilitated attractions. What kind of Disney freak am I???


I can’t wait to see it.


Just what I need, an excuse!


The new SE looks great…and my favorite part is definitely the voiceover by Dame Judy Dench! :wub:


Now I have to push the DW to go back. We missed it last trip.


I jsut tried to pull up a YouTube of it, but the only new video is of the little movie in the cars… C’mon all you YouTube people out there, whoever you are!, let’s see some REAL stuff!!!


We love the first half but hope they’ve improved the second half from the soft opening some time back. They had taken out all the cool stuff and put a really boring video thing in the cars. Still, that’s the point of soft openings, to see what needs improvement and the like!



Can’t wait to see it.


Looks like I have a stop to add in Epcot.


for shame…for shaaaaame :pinch: tee hee

I’m SO excited! I absolutely LOVE this ride - in fact…it was the FIRST ride I ever did in all of Walt Disney World :blush: so it holds a special place in my heart.


really looking forward to seeing the new revamped ride. I liked it the old way but must be honest I did use it more for a secret ‘naptime’ the last few times I rode it! :blush: So dark, my DH couldnt tell I was catching a few zz’s LOL!!!


oh my I just realised that my post follows Princess Tessa! She is back?! Welcome home! I have not seen you here for a decade. I actually went to visit you on our last trip but you were not there. :crying: Never mind. Good to see you here. PS sorry for thread jack I jsut got excited :blush:


cant wait to see it.


Was the entire thing done over? I love to nap on that ride because it was boring. Now I am afraid it will be cool and miss my nap. LOL


That is so funny! I did the same thing last time. Very soothing ride to catch a few zzz’s o!:laugh:


I looked on youtube and there are a number of videos of the new ride now!

Thanks :happy: I’m going back to FL soon too, hopefully staying on as a perm cm this time!