Spaceship earth question


Hi all!

I’m going to WDW in Sept. with my parents and I was wondering what spaceship earth ride is like. My father is in his 70’s and is not a big fan of fast rides or heights. Is spacehip earth a scary or really high ride?

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It isn’t fast and it isn’t at all like a coaster. It’s really pretty slow, perhaps not any faster than normal walking speed. Because it’s entirely enclosed you have no idea how high you really are. The actual ride is really just a long uphill and then a long downhill, but the downhill part is done backwards, they turn the cars around. Ride dynamics wise, it is no more thrilling than Haunted Mansion without the ghosts. It kind of reminds me of the Bell Telephone attraction at the 64-65 NY World’s Fair.


Some videos of the ride:

YouTube - Spaceship Earth Ride through



So long as he does not have a problem with moving around in the dark, he should enjoy the ride very much.


Yup, it can be enjoyed by virtually anyone. Nothing scary or fast moving at all, like Jen said, just some darkness in spots.


He should be fine on the ride, goes really slow and I think it is interesting. The last time I rode it, my 3 yr. old pushed buttons as we started, and our guide thru the ride spoke German. Needless to say, we rode it again.


SE is my mom’s favorite. Its nice and slow.


Thanks for posting the link for the videos… I can smell the ride and wish I was there right now…


heehee, that is funny. I should have been a long to translate for you :laugh: Next time you go, you know to take me, right? :cool:


Pressed the button for German?
That’s like using an ATM and accidentally pushing the Spanish button and then trying to figure out what to do next.


Hi Doric- Welcome ro MouseBuzz first of all!
Spaceship earth should pose zero problems for your father at all. It is very calm and relaxing actually. You simply are taken through time and various ages and are told about the differing ways in which humans have communicated through the years. Dame Judi Dench is the voiceover so her tone is so relaxing and lovely! My only trouble is that I have trouble not falling asleep on it :laugh:
It is quite dark so eye adjustment is probably the biggest issue at first, other than that you will just enjoy it as will your dad.

Hope this helps:happy: