Spaceship earth rehab


i heard in that the new sponsor siemens will made the end of the spaceship earth.


I wonder what they will do to SpaceShip earth :c)

Maybe they won’t change the ride that much.


I agree with Erin. Maybe they could update it just a bit…


I hope they will change the virtual field trip thing… because that is kind of corny. :\


Updating…GREAT idea! Changing it too much… :crying:


A update is welcomed but I hope they don’t go crazy with it.


ONLY AN UPDATE!!! They better not get rid of my Spaceship Earth…

Jess… What’s the matter? Your school doesn’t go on virtual fieldtrips? :laugh:


I have not been in Spaceship earth since 1982… and since I barely remember the trip… I guess I need to go on this in May so I can have an opinion!


SE is my favourite - I don’t want too many changes, but as far as that virtual reality school goes - as my dd pointed out - they have one classroom from “Brazil” and one from a classroom in “Madrid”. Make up your minds here - are you with going with countries or cities? And I don’t know why but for some reason that mother singing to her kid, bothers me - don’t ask me why…


Why??? :tongue:


I don’t KNOW why, lol. I think subconsciously she reminds me of someone - she just bugs me.


We go on international field trips… such as Italy and Greece.
Now only if we had WDW field trips!! :laugh:


THAT would be sooo cool! Just think of the educational value of EPCOT! :happy:


i think that update is the way too. Thanks to Erin and disneyhog6.:mickey:


Can’t wait to see what happens :smile:


I hope that they just add something fun at the end of Spaceship earth and don’t change the ride much at all. It’s just classic and gives me that nostalgic disney feeling :wub:


We actually did go a few years back… we only did Epcot and Animal Kingdom though. :glare:


Dude… You have issues. How is it possible that you didn’t see SE the last 2 times you were there? You really DO need me to be there with you as a tour guide, don’t you? :laugh:


I always thought those folks working in the coalmine or whatever mine was kinda goofy… I never caught the “Brazil” and “Madrid” thing…but that is kinda funny… :laugh:


Now this I can agree with 100%… Give something else cool like those really cool phone booths with the cool sound effects, etc they used to have… Just don’t change the ride. I NEED to smell the fall of Rome… :biggrin: