Spaceship Earth Rehab


Has anyone been on SSE since it reopened? What has changed? Thanks!


We were on it in December but honestly, I don’t remember enough details from the old version to see what was different. I do know some of the scenes are the same. There’s an interactive screen on the new version that helps to pass the time on the way down. You make selections then you’re told how those choices go together where you’re done.


It had some soft openings in December and January. It looks like with will be closed for most of February. I was really hoping to see it.


So overall what did you think? Good, Bad, ? My DD8 loves this ride, not sure it’s the ride or the fact you are inside the “big ball”! Last time we got on it, we got stuck at the top, and the lights came on, and I was almost 100% sure we’d be walking down . . . but then like 15 minutes later it started moving!! SCARY!! :eek:


Wow, it has been down a long time. We were there in Nov and it is my mom’s favorite, so we were a little disappointed. I thought for sure it would be up by now.


Can I just say the refurbishments are so incredible and so unreal?! The scenes are still the same, but brand new Audio As and animations within bring them to life even more. It doesn’t hurt that Dame Judi Fench is the new narrarator. The interactive activity on the return to Earth is very cute and really helps time. 2 new scenes showing the invention of the computers is also a nice modern update. And finally, my personal fave, we finally know for sure that, yes, Michaelangelo DOES have a head when painting the Sistine Chapel. :biggrin:


I just saw it on Thurs. It is really great. Lots of new changes and AA’s. The interactive feature is cool and there is some new interactive stuff at the end of the ride.

I really think everyone is going to love it.


Oh thanks, Rowdy and Timkelmom, I can’t wait! Planning the next trip already!


How come it’s scheduled to be down for refurb again in February? :sad: I was really hoping to see the results of the big refurb!


I am not sure it says on the WDW website that it will be closed in February. I am really hoping that it will at least be open part of the day. Figment is also closed which is not making me happy either!


Im really looking forward to seeing how its changed, its sounding pretty good.Wont be there till August so hopefully it will be all up and running by then! :slight_smile:


Finally got to ride it a couple of days ago. Looks great. Definite improvement. but you can tell it’s not quite done: when you get to the top, there are some unfinished things in view.


Oh I can’t wait to see it again, I love it.


It’s funny how I feel about the newly enhanced rides. I can wait to ride them.
Of course we all know I have an annual pass, and that has a lot to do with my attitude. Of course, I couldn’t wait for the new rides, like EE, Laugh Floor, and Soarin’ (well, not so much Soarin’ because I’d already ridden the one in Cali), but they had passholder previews for EE and LF that I was able to get to.
One day in the very near future, I will ride the new and improved Spaceship Earth, but for now, I can hold my water.


Caught soft opening in Dec. It’s more of an update that total change.

The interactive screen takes your mind off the long, slow backwards rider back down.

It took a long time to get used to the ball WITH the wand, but now it looks funny without it. :biggrin:


Yeah, it does.
Are these big interactive screens like the ones they installed in Soarin’s queue?


Posted on the other thread, but we loved the new additions and upgrades to the first half, yet found the second semi-interactive half really disappointing.


Is this the premanent state of the 2nd half or will they add new effects. I loved the old 2nd half of the ride.


I hope they add more stuff. It had a good, multicultural feel too in the old version.