Spaceship Earth Website


I just got an AP email with rates (good Sun-Thurs grrrrrrr :glare: )

Anyway . . . there was this in it too . . . pretty cool! :happy:

Spaceship Earth…more amazing than ever!

Discover how the Epcot landmark has been enhanced—from its music, sets and costumes to a special new interactive aspect during the finale. PLUS brand new interactive exhibits at Project Tomorrow, all presented by Siemens.

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Thanks so much for the link! Now I really can’t wait to go back!


What??? I didn’t get one. I am going to pout now. When do the AP rates expire?


$74/night PLUS TAX select VALUE resorts: *Rate available for stays most Sunday–Thursday nights 3/30–5/21/08 in a standard room.


Thanks for letting me know! Couldn’t use it anyway. :crying:


Maybe they are going to issue a new Leftovers Club rate, just for us! :laugh:


Well, it would be nice, and we would deserve it. :angel:


Amen, sistah! :biggrin:


Ohhhhh, I am a left over. When will the secret mails arrive?


Now if I tell you, they wouldn’t be secret, now would they?:ph34r:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Very cool website, thanks!


Thanks for bringing us back to the topic Kim. :blush:

I have had an awful time loading the link. It gets stuck and goes no where for me.:pinch: