Spaceship Earth?


Does anyone know when Spaceship Earth is set to reopen in November? We will be there November 10th-17th.


Info I saw before said it will re-open Nov. 14. I hope so because we will be there Nov 10-17 also!

Where are you staying?



I hope so too. Where are you staying?


I am keeping my fingers crossed!! I REALLY REALLY want to see it refurbished and we’ll be there Nov. 16th-25th. I haven’t heard any definate re-opening dates though.


We’re staying at Pop, where are you staying?

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I am a little bummed we won’t be able to ride it this trip, but I can’t wait to see it after the refurb. Maybe next year.


We are staying at Old Key West. I think I saw that another mb member will be there that week too!


Dopey will be there then too.



I’m very interested to see what they do with this ride. It has been in a need of refurbishing for a while. But, it’s still a classic.


I agree, I can’t wait to see it.

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We have no official opening date for Spaceship Earth. We are telling guests anytime between November and April. Rumors from the inside are that construction is WAY behind schedule and that it will not be open in time for the holidays, or at least Thanksgiving. Rumor also has it that construction just went to a constant 24 hour operation. Keep your fingers crossed for November but don’t count on it. :frowning:


OMG, that is the first attraction we do and the last attraction we do.
I hope it is open for December!!!

Can’t wait to see the changes - I day in Epcot without SE…


I will be there Nov 9-17th AKV: I will be lookin for the MB’ers biggrin: :biggrin:


where are you staying?

Granny Plum


You kill me, sue :laugh:
Are you going to visit all the MBuzzers at their resorts? :laugh:


wasn there last week the end of the ride is open and it is all new in side with interactive games and 3D games as well i have video of the games as well will post when it is ready


no, I’d like to find some one who is staying at POP and maybe we could meet and have breakfast or something. Otherwise, I know everyone has their own plans… so much to do in so little time.

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I think we should have a Mousebuzz pin. Then we could wear it when we were there and if we saw someone we could introduce ourselves.

Anyway about Spaceship Earth…My mom will be so upset. SE is her favorite ride!