Spaceship Earth?


So is there any news from the world? Is SE going to be up and running by the projected date? I hope so!


As far as I know still on track to open first weekend of November as planned.


Ooooh, that is such good news. I cannot wait to see the overhauled ride.


Man. I hope they put some padding in those seats! That ride kills me.


Nov 13th was the day I had seen as opening. Has that changed to sooner?


I think you’re right. The date I’m thinking of may be a Cast Member Sneak Peek.


At this point, mid-November. I hope it does open on time!!!



I was just looking at the disney site and it has SSE down until Feb 18.:crying: :crying: What happened? I was thinking “well, if it was suppose to open mid- nov and I’m going the end of Nov, there will be no problem” Now it seems there must be some big problem. Anyone know anything??


Oh no Oh no, Rowdy have you heard anything that would set it back?


I just saw the Feb 18 date on another site as well. I wonder what is going on there.


Well guys, on the callendar has no operational updates going on in November, but SSE down starting in December. So maybe up for a little while in November still. I hope!


yeah, it hurts. I’m excited to see the updated version too! :happy:


FEB! OMG. I need my SSE fix in December…


Looks like it will be closed while I am there too. That’s too bad. At the Epcot Park Hours page I see SSE has now been added as Closed for Refurbishment. The last time I checked, a couple of weeks ago, it was not listed there.


Oh no, It has to be opened by late January, it is one of my must do rides when I go…


I heard that they where turning SSE into a roller coaster…have they laid the track yet?


(really that was a rumor a few years back…a serious rumor when Disney was working up a EPCOT refresh plan. I think there were sketches floating around. That would have been a total travesty if they did do that, IMO.)


So Rowdy, is it a website boo-boo or should we get out the tissues???:crying:


It is looking like February now. :frowning: I had originally been told “as late as March”, but lately it was looking like it’d be much sooner than that.



Sorry guys I haven’t a foggiest at the moment. I’ve been in rehearsal after rehearsal lately and any news I have is only about how rehearsals are going. I’ll try to keep my ears open when I’m not sleeping for 5 hours :laugh:


From what I know, this wasn’t a serious rumor, this was a serious engineering study, and it turned out they can’t remove the Spaceship Earth ride system as it’s integral to the building structure. In other words, they can’t take it out or the geodome would collapse. The boarding area was projected to be in one of the Innoventions spaces.