Spaceship earth


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                                     disneyitis bill

I hope I get a chance to ride next week!!! Looks great!!


Oh pish posh!! It was still closed while we were there. I hope you get to see it tink!!


No worries you are going back in 180 some days:glare:


We just left there and it was still closed.


I hope it is open when we go next week!!(wow that feels great to say…next week:blush:)


We rode it on monday around noon…we got stuck for a few mins,on the hill backwards. my neck hurt for a few after that. They only let about 200 ride before they closed it again.


I hope it is open when we get there!


They were doing soft openings Renee. We missed it by a few minutes on Saturday. :ohmy:


anyone know when it opens back up??


So – WHO DOES THE VOICE NOW??? Is it Dame Judi Dench as rumored, or – ?


We were there on Friday. I was hoping we would get a look but no such luck.


The rehab is done. They are doing SOME soft openings. I rode it Thursday but it was closed Saturday when I was back in Epcot.

Nice update. Kept many of the scenes and updated narration. Car seats are STILL hard as rock though!


Thanks for this info1 Having been away from MouseBuzz for some time, I’ve been dying to see pics of the HM refurb! I can’t wait to actually experience the new ride!!


It definitely sounds like Judi. I was so seriously impressed with the updates. Same scenes, new scenes, brand new Audio A’s, new music, the starfield on the return to Earth was phenomenal. I loved it!!!


Ohhh! we have never been- always wanted to! Is it supposed to be open soon?


They did a soft opening while we were there. I loved it, but the seats were still rock hard, they didn’t change the track, and what they do during the descent stinks.


is this ride like a roller coaster?


darn it is so dark it isntt showing up on my ancient computor.


Oh heck no. It’s the direct OPPOSITE of a coaster. It’s a “slow-moving trip through time” to show us how we’ve come along as mankind over the millenia.