Spaceship Earth



I just got back from WDW and I was left a little unsatisfied with the Spaceship Earth refurb. I enjoyed the extra scenes towards the top of the attraction but did not enjoy the new music and narration. I really miss Jeremy Irons! Anyway I was just wondering if anyone had this narration/music throughout the ride as an mp3 file. I know I could likely find a video on youtube, but would be looking for something just to listen to. If so perhaps you could send me an email:




They Changed The Music?!:eek: :crying: :angry:


I’m sorry to hear that you were not happy with the refurb. I’m still looking forward to trying it out in November. :blush: Good luck with finding the music.


I like the refurb. I especially LOVE the end. I won’t give it away though for those that have not ridden it yet!


I liked the referb. They left it alone just enough. IMHO it is an improvement over the last referb.


I’m not great fan of either this version or the previous version of Spaceship Earth. Nothing is wrong with it, it’s just an average sort of attraction to me and very much like an outgrowth of New York World’s Fair attractions of 44 years ago. Then again, that’s not surprising because in many ways, that’s what Epcot itself is.
I know many of you love it. I won’t slag the ride off because there is nothing wrong with it. It’s just that I view it as a break from the action sort of ride. It just doesn’t do that much for me. Compared to Soarin’, which I’ve ridden at least 20 times since it’s opened, I think in all my visits, I’ve only done Spaceship Earth 3 times and once, oddly, was New Year’s Eve 2006-7 around 9:20 PM when I was returning from the MK and Holiday Wishes simply because there was no line and I could spare 10 minutes before meeting back up with DW and setting up for the New Year’s Countdown Illuminations.


Why Did They Change The Music!?:crying:


Me too . . . it is what it is . . . kinda like COP . . . sometimes you gotta just keep the classics! :happy:


This was my fav Epcot attraction…until Test Track came along. Anyway, I find it soothing and relaxing and I LOVE when I smell the fall of the Roman Empire. That being said, I am so excited to see the refurb in Sept.
I don’t want to know what they have done but I do want to know…Did they change the uncomfortble ride vehicles?


no same time traveler . . . they just added a feature on!

I agree it is a smooth relaxing “Get outta the heat” kinda ride . . . and now there is a whole interactive area when you exit with fun stuff to do!


And the smoke smell is still there! :happy:


So true!!! We got stuck there once (two trips ago) and the fumes gave me a headache!:laugh:
So when we rode by last time I groaned because that smell is still there!

The new SE is great…I really enjoyed Judy Dench I thought she did a great job.


Oh good, like I said, I love that. I normally don’t like a smokey smell but it’s different there.


I really enjoyed the new improved version. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it.


Just another update to bring it more into “today’s standards.” No worries. IMHO it’s terrific and the refurbs are all so wonderful, especially now that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, yes, Michaelangelo has a head while painting the Sistine Chapel! :laugh:


I really loved the little lights and music at the end. Is that completely gone?



If you are referring to the music during the descent then yes, it has been replaced. I did enjoy the new rooms added as well as other things. I just really loved the previous score and narration. Judi Dench wasn’t bad, just not Jeremy Irons IMHO. It is still an enjoyable ride for me.


I really made that :crying: face when I read this. If anyone comes across the OLD music, please let me know.


I love that part too, sad it’s gone but can’t wait to see how they replaced it.
I hope they changed the section with the family and the 2 kids talking between US and China. I couldn’t stand the 80’s clothes the American boy was wearing.