Spas -- Comparing Senses with Mandara with photos


OK, there seemed to be a great deal of interest, so here are my photos of Mandara Spa and Senses Spa. We will visit Mandara first:


Mandara has lots of beauty, and gorgeous treatment rooms. Probably a great choice for a massage. However, the best mail and facial services seem to be at Senses. Here are more Mandara shots:


Now, on to Senses. Be sure to take a moment to enjoy the signature (and complimentary) infused juice/tea concoctions and the banana chocolate cupcakes!


Just to be clear – my daughter gets a LOT of pedicures. And she said the pedicure she got at Senses was the best she had ever had. When you book a nail service, you choose your experience form three options, and they are differentiated by their aromas and ingredients. I believe she had the relaxing option, which was jasmine-based.


A note about Mandara – both my daughter (who went to Mandara this trip for eyebrow issues) and I (nail services at Mandara on previous trips) have been aware of some surly employees. Mandara is NOT Disney-owned, and we both had ot hear a bit about how unhappy employees are with their jobs, etc. which is a total bummer when you are trying to treat yourself to some very expensive relaxation.


At Senses, the CMs were overflowing with magic, and that contributed mightily to the happiness we felt there.

I like Senses much better because it is simply a happier place, though the prices are slightly higher. So if you can tear yourself away form the exotic atmosphere of Mandara, you will likely agree that Senses is lovelier.

Thumbs up to Senses!!!


Thank you, my dear


Thank you,great pics


Any spa with banana chocolate cupcakes gets my stamp of approval.