Speaking of strollers, another question


How much is it to rent a stroller at the theme parks?

are they easy to come by?

can u get single or double?

do u have a link to show what they look like???


if u bring your own stroller, can u wheel it onto the monorail?

can u carry it onto the bus? (are there fees for transporting it?)

Thanks for any help!!! :happy: Kerry


Welcome Newbie. I don’t have your answers, but other shall be along shortly. I just wanted to say hello and welcome.

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There is usually no problem getting strollers. They have single and double strollers and I think rental is $8 and $18/day. If you know you are going to be there for several days, go ahead and buy for all days which will save you $2/day and also save on wait time. Any days not used can be refunded.


Thanks very much! :tongue:

now another question, out of topic, and i asked before and i can’t find the answer…

how do i get a countdown on my posts? or a ticker?


OHHHHH thats a good tip! does that mean that u can ‘buy for all days’ at say Magic Kingdom, and use the receipt at Epcot or MGM etc.

and yikes a big $ difference for a double!

and thank you for the welcome :tongue:


Yes, you buy at one park for all the days. If you leave a park and go to another park the same day, just save your receipt and you will be able to get a stroller at the next park. I did this with a wheelchair in December and wound up not using it all days so I got a refund plus saved money.


No fee for taking your own, and yest you can take it on the Bus, The Monorail, even some of the shows.


Welcome to DC.
Strollers are right inside the front gates of all the parks. Just follow the line of parents you cant miss them.
As you probably could tell from some of the other threads most of us are advocates of taking your own.


Welcome. You can haul your own stroller around with no fees or anything like that. You can push it right onto the monorail, but they have to be folded up for the buses (i.e., no children allowed in strollers while on the buses.).

If you already have your own stroller, I would recommend using it rather than renting. Especially since your own stroller can go anywhere with you, not just in the parks.


Hello & Welcome!!

Here is a link to the countdown instructions.



I agree, I would definitely bring your own! Your stroller is much more comfortable than the hard plastic that WDW offers. Although they push VERY easily with no effort at all, and the double ones are quite large!


I also vote for bringing your own. The longest walks and waits can be at the end of the day getting from the park’s front gate back to your car, monorail or bus!

The park strollers look very hard and cumbersome!

We always kept DD sitting in the stroller while getting on and riding in the monorail, but on buses you do need to fold and carry the stroller.


I highly recomend an umbrella stroller is your child is old enough. They fold up easily for planes, etc. and are great for walking from the buses to your room at the resorts.

And welcome to DC!!! Tell us more about your plans - so far all we know is that you are going to WDW and have a child young enough for a stroller.


Everyone has sufficiently answered your question, but I do want to welcome you :c)

It’s great to have you with us! You’re asking great questions! I can’t wait to find out when your trip is - if you need help with that countdown, let me know.


Welcome to DC!

Another vote for taking your own stroller. The walks to the bus stop/resort room or car can be pretty long after a long day in the parks. We always let my DS sit in his stroller until we see the bus pulling up, it makes the wait easier for all of us.


I’m in the minority, but we loved using the park strollers. One, they are bigger than mine and could hold all our stuff and our son. Two, we didn’t have to keep up with it outside the parks. My son (2 yo) did not sleep at all in or around the parks, not even on the buses, so he walked outside of the parks and rode the stroller inside the parks. With as packed as the buses were at times, we appreciated not having to have a stroller with us also, we had enough stuff as it was! Our ASMu room was in Country Fair (the farthest away) and a stroller would have been a pain because he wanted to touch the water in each of the pools, so it would have been in and out the whole way. I do understand everyone’s opinion for taking your own, but I just thought I’d share my good experience for renting the park strollers!