Special Birthday Balloon & autograph picture


We stayed at the Poly 4 years ago in concierge room. We were greated upon arrival by Balloons, sand pail filled with goodies for each kids, & a signed photo of a disney character (I had mentioned that this was a late birthday celebration for them). When we went to the GF last year (not concierge), it was around the kids birthday again and I had mentioned this hoping for the same surprise, but it wasn’t there.

Is this more a concierge thing? It was special and would like to have something like this again for the children when we go back to the GF.


It’s pretty hit and miss. I think you have a better chance of getting something special through concierge but it’s not a given. If you really want something special done you can order something through the WDW florist that way you know for sure that it will be done.


Is there a website for the Disney florist?


Yes, there is:



It is definately hit or miss as DT said. I have mentioned several time that we were on vacation to celebrate DD’s birthday (on our jan trips) and we never got anything. I’m not complaining at all. Just mentioning it so you know how magical your one stay was. I do hope you are able to arrange something for your kids. I was fortunate enough to have someone think of me this past trip and got a nice card from mickey for my special day. I teared up like a big sissy when I saw it…made the trip super magical for me.


We’ll also be at WDW over my birthday in a few weeks. It would be so fun to get a card or balloons. Should you tell your resort that you’ll be celebrating a birthday at check-in or when you make the reservation?

At the MK, you can also get a special birthday button from city hall on Main Street. Just be ready for the extra attention you’ll get from CM’s and other guests.


I had it noted on our reservation that my DS will be turning 8 during our trip. I don’t know if we’ll get anything but it’s there just in case. I’m planning to have a gift basket sent to him either at the start of our trip or on his birthday with candy and character stuff in it.


I noted it on our reservation last month. We arrived on Sat. and on Tues. we came back from a park to find balloons and an autographed picture of Snow White for DD. It was a little late, but they got it to her. She was thrilled !!