Special parking


Overheard CMs discussing special diamond parking.
Knew about handicap parking but what is this “premium” parking they are referring to?


I’m pretty sure it’s for AAA members. I don’t know where the special parking is, as I’ve never used it.


There is diamond parking up front that AAA gives to people if you book the Disney trip through them. A friend of ours had the AAA Diamond parking pass one year, and it was nice up front parking.


A few years back we used the diamond parking, in most parks it is right behind the handicap parking. We arrived first thing in the morning and usually had the first Diamond parking spot. I think we used it in every park except Disney studios. Heard it was no better than if you get there early, so that day we chose to park in the regular parking spot, since we arrive early. I remember AK being really close to the entrance. Yes it is for AAA members, if I remember right, you had to buy your tickets through them in order to get the parking.


Busch parks have an actual preferred parking section that anyone can use, so long as they pay the additional charge. Disney parks have AAA Diamond parking as others say and there are little barriers that make it difficult for most of us to use, such as having to buy your tickets through AAA. And that most certainly leaves out AP holders.
Not sure what Universal does, we always stay on property and get slammed by the hotels for overnight parking.


We used the AAA parking on a trip and it was great everywhere but MK. Theirs was full. We were really close at AK though. It was nice.


You have to buy a ticket for at least 3 days in legnth or an Annual Pass through AAA. They will give you a pass to park in the special lots which are at the front, buy the handicapped area. We use it all the time. The pass is now for the legnth of your stay unless you buy the AP which we do. They will ask when you are traveling so the dates on the pass match up.

We park hop and use our car all the time. I have done test runs and except for MK, I can get from place to place quicker driving than w/ WDW transportation. We go out the gate and the car is right there.

Add in the TIW alet parking privs and we are up front on the whole complex no matter what we plan on doing.


Before the days of being an AP holder we booked through AAA and tried to use the diamond parking. We felt like there were a couple of times that the CMs were almost annoyed by this and would just say something to the effect of eh, it’s full just stay in this line. We typically arrive early to the parks and in most cases you are just as well off to park in the regular lots (except AK).


Closer than where the bus drops you off?


No but just across the drive.


Nope! If you arrive in the morning first thing it’s a great thing. But if your there later in the day when the parking if full, it can be a bit of a walk. Especially at HS. And I agree with the above comment about the CM being annoyed, they always are if we ask about the diamond parking:rolleyes:


The main thing is to follow the Diamond lines. The last time we were there they had signs and lines to follow for the parking. Just held up the AAA card and drove by the CMs.


Yup. Follow the magic brick road, or diamonds in this case and park.

As to the area @ HS, we just cut across the parking lot, slide over the 3 ft cement barriers and walk up to the gate. Walking all the way around takes too much time.