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Am I nuts? (seriously, do not answer that). Here is the situation- There are 7 of us going to WDW, staying at POR in 2 rooms. My Dad made the reservations,ugh… He has us in a regular room and a king room. (which is nice, but not necessary). I told him to request connecting rooms, not adjoining. I explained the difference to him, so he would get it.

When I see the reservation on WDW, it says adjoining rooms.

I called WDW, and told them that I needed it to change to a connecting room… They said no problem.

So, I checked the reservation 2 days later, and it says ADJOINING rooms…

Can I fix it? Does the fact that I have a king room with a regular mess this up? Thanks.


I would call again and explain it to them. We have had connecting rooms but it has always been the same bed set up in each room (there are five of us).


I would call again to make sure they have what you need.


You can call or fax a special request like that directly to the resort – best to do it a couple of days before arrival. They will try to accommodate you (no pun intended!)


I would call and have the correct the issue before you get there. Faxes are not always followed…or read. Sorry, but they didn’t even acknowledge I sent on the last time I did it. I have all requests noted on my reservation and then we “re-visit” those requests when I check in.:laugh:


it is noted on the reservation, as requesting adjoining rooms… There will be another call tomorrow…

My Dad was trying to help, and he has caused a problem, ugh…

he needs to visit this site, so he knows how the whole thing works…


Hanwill, will you explain the difference here. I truly don’t know what the difference is, and my curiousity is up.


ok, sorry… I think that adjoining rooms is when the rooms are side by side, like rooms 101, and 102. Connecting is when there is a door inside both that actually connects the rooms, so my kids. This is a problem this time because I have a little baby (9 months), and while my husband is in the room with me, and the baby, and my other 2 kids are staying in the room with the grandparents. From time to time I will need help getting ready, etc and my husband will be working so we can get out the door…

In other words I need help to get out the door in the morning.


When are you going on the trip? I’m pretty sure they will accomodate your request, but with all the renovations going on right now, they could be limited to where they can physically put you.


25 days!!! I check the reservations about every other day online and I still see it on both reservations as adjoining. Might need to call the mouse.


As noted with earlier with the a fax, but did you try calling the resort desk? They might be able to help you resolve the issue.


I would not expect a fax to work. I honestly think they just throw them away. We did it on three occasions and all three times were told there was no note on our account. I gave up after that and started calling on our last trip. All our requests were honored that time. I am sure they will work it out for you if you explain your situation.

Maybe we will run into each other. Out trips are overlapping.


I called Disney, main number to correct it on my request… I have not had a chance to call back. I will try tomorrow…


I finally got a chance to call back, and I am still suspicious. It still says adjoining rooms on my request… I know that there is a difference. But now I am questioning myself. Hmmmm… we will see.

18 days!


[QUOTE=hanwill;1101883]I finally got a chance to call back, and I am still suspicious. It still says adjoining rooms on my request… I know that there is a difference. But now I am questioning myself. Hmmmm… we will see.

18 days![/QUOTE]

First of all - 18 days! Yay!

Secondly - I would not trust them for one IOTA of a second. I don’t think I have ever had a request honoured. Mostly it’s not a big deal and I don’t have a problem with it, but last time we weren’t going to have a car and Saratoga is so huge. I didn’t want to take the buses that serve the resort - one bus I can handle - a bus to get to the lobby - no. I called DVC Services and listed the areas we would like to stay - then I called the resort personally one day before we left. The only two areas I DIDN’T want to stay were Carousel and The Paddock. Guess where they put us? The Paddock. I said “no” - so they offered - The Carousel. When I told them I had called, etc. they looked at me like I was speaking Armenian or something. No note on my file…nothing. I held my ground and got a room in an area where I wanted - it wasn’t like I wanted one specific area - I would have taken any of three others. The CM made such a huge deal of it, yet there were plenty of rooms available.

Keep calling.


I will tomorrow… It is almost time to get the older kids from school, and I need to think about this some more. There really are two designations correct? Adjoining and connecting. Correct? See, now they have me thinking/believing that I am crazy.


No - you are right. And definitely not crazy. Well, non-Disney people might call you crazy… But then they’d call us all crazy… But what do they know?.. I digress…


Exactly… I say they do not know how to have fun. I am all for simple pleasures, and Disney hits the spot- if they get the rooms right!