Special Things To Do


We go to WDW almost every year, but have been unable to do so for the last couple of years due to illness. Every time we go, I try to find some little perk or special thing to do for my DD that we have not done before. She is 10 this year. In the past we have taken a family tour, had ice cream social at Garden Grill, which they do not do anymore :frowning: , gotten a “haircut” at the barber, etc.

I am sure that with some of the stuff they have taken away they have introduced new little perks. I am also sure there are things I never knew existed. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.


They have that new Bibbity Bobbity Boutique or something like that… I think it is like a little salon for young girls.


Check out the kids activities at the GF. Grand Adventures in Cooking, The Tea Party, The Pirate Cruise . I think these activities are geared toward to 5-10 crowd so your daughter may still like them and not feel “too old”


Maybe this is an idea better suited for future years (when she can drive), but renting WaterMice always puts a smile on my face! I can’t do a WDW trip without a trip on Bay Lake/Seven Seas Lagoon. She could ride along with another driver…which may not be as much fun :sad:…but you never know I guess. It’s just a blast to be out on the water, driving by the Contemp, Fort Wilderness, the Wilderness Lodge, the Polynesian…it’s like a tour of WDW but out on the water! :heart:


Those little boats are great! How about you and DD rent a paddle boat instead of a Mouse?

*Go to the opening ceremony to the various parks
*Go to Disney Quest and let her make and buy her own toy (they still do that, right?)
*Let her go to the Boutique mentioned earlier (I believe it’s downtown)
*Ride the monorail with the pilot and ask for a Co-Pilot’s license


I can’t think of a 10 y/o that woudln’t enjoy that!


Have you done the dinner shows? Hoop de doo is great fun, my girls love it!


From what I hear, this would be PERFECT! :happy:


How about the new golden Guest of Honor Badges? Even the CM’s were impressed with ours. They all commented on how they were better than the real ones the CM’s wear.
Plus, CM’s call you by name all day. Very cool.


Dinner at Hoop De Doo would be nice.


going shopping in downtown disney and the theme parks.:mickey:


Have you gotten your daughter Mickey Mouse ears yet? If not, those would be a sure hit! You can get your names embroidered on the back! :mickey: