Specials for October 2006?


My family (on my Dad’s side) all decided that a group trip to Disney World would be a wonderful idea. Several of them have never been, my daughter will be 9 months by then, and my parents have not been in years.

Trying to price the best rate, I finally realized that seperate rooms at the Coronado Springs resort would be cheaper than a 2 room suite or cabins at Fort Wilderness. Does this seem like the best way to go? Can we get all the rooms next to each other?

Finally, when do special deals for October booking usually come out? Do you think they will run a deal with the free meal plans again? Any other tips on making this as affordable as possible without leaving out too much magic? We (my wife and I) figure a Moderate with 4 day non-hopper tickets is about the right amount of magic for us seasoned visitors and the new first timers to all enjoy at the same pace.


I would definitely go with 2 rooms at either a moderate or a deluxe resort. I can’t image staying with my parents and siblings in a cabin. You can request connecting rooms, but most likely your rooms will just be near each other. Shouldn’t be a big deal to get all the rooms you want all next to each other.

Disney has been releasing discounts earlier and earlier. They are obviously trying to get guests to plan their vacations earlier. I doubt we will ever see the free dining again, but you never know. Rumor has it the upcoming discounts for 2006 will be for free hopping and Waterpark and fum for free, with a small discount on the resort rooms. I guess we will see later this week.

When in October were you planning on going?


They said the week of the 14th through the 21st. The extra perks for free may be nice. My Aunts and Uncle have showed interest in Pleasure Island and I know my wife, kids, and myself want to visit Typhoon Lagoon.

Now the likelihood of this happening is anyone’s guess. We have never done a trip together before, and I can only speak for my immediate family (who I know for sure would go).

If the meal plan is not included, then should we add the meal plan or just pay per meal? We will be driving down and although we may eat at a few nice places, I got a hunch this side of the family is more of a hamburger, hotdog type. lol My uncle does not even like Tacos for crying out loud. :happy:


Personally, I think the dining plan is a screming deal. You can save a ton of money, it is wonderful to know everything is prepaid and it is so convenient. If they plan on eating hamburgers each meal, it might not work, but there are some great steak restaurants and the like on the plan.


This is true. Steaks could work. What is the status of the Garden Grill now. The Family Style Buffet they use to carry would win everyone over.

But, it is definitely a lot harder to plan a trip when you have a variety of families and ages (from 9 months to 76 years old) to please.


We requested connecting rooms on the WDW site and got them. We were at ASMu, but I can’t see why it would work differently at other resorts. Just wanted to let you know that we had good luck with our request!