Spectomagic, Wishes & Extra Magic Hours


We are trying to decide which day to go to the park to see Spectromagic Parade. Is it more crowded on Extra Magic Hour nights? If we stay for the parade and want to leave to return to the GF - will we make it to the hotel in time to watch the fireworks or should we stay in the park for the fire works?


The parades and fireworks show starts before EMH. But I would imagine the parks are a little more crowded if it is on a EMH night.


Waaaaaaaay back in 2003 we were at an E-Ride Ticket Night (or whatever it was they were called!) and we found that the park got a bit empty towards the beginning of the night. In other words, once Wishes began, the park started to empty. I presume this was because everyone was moving to Main Street USA (we were in Tomorrowland)…

So I presume Main Street USA, anyway, will be packed around Wishes (not necessarily around Spectromagic though) and thus, you may want to avoid EMH nights.

That’d be my guess anyway.


MK is deifnately more packed on EMH for the parades and fireworks. Try to go to see them on a nonEMH night. I don’t think you will make it back to the GF before the fireworks start, but you may be able to see them from the boat on the way back to the resort.


One of the best places to view Wishes is from the train station, (upstairs). If you position yourself there, you’ll be able to make a quick exit as soon as they’re over, and beat the crowds.


Oooohhhh great tip! Never thought about that.