SpectroMagic Parade


As most of you know, we are going from Sept. 8 - 14. We have already bought 5 day Hoppers. We are planning on staying at the hotel on Wednesday, tour Disney Thurs. - Monday, and leave Tuesday Morning. However, I just checked on the schedule, and because of the Night of Joy, and the park closing at 8:30 on Sunday and Monday, that the only time we could see the SpectroMagic Parade is Wednesday evening. My question is, “Is it worth paying a night’s gate price to see this parade?” It would cost us and extra $110. Other question is “If we go at like 7:00, is it cheaper than all day gate prices?” :confused:


Although SpectroMagic is a fantastic parade - I don’'t think it’s worth the admission price just for seeing it alone. WDW is a place where you just have to sometimes resign yourself to the fact that you won’t be able to see it all. (I’ve been 20 times and still haven’t seen the AK parade or Wishes). So, I would suggest that you forego the parade this time, and put it on your wish list for next time. Get a good night’s rest at the hotel and be ready to go Thursday! As for a reduced price in the evening - I honestly don’t know. I’ve never thought of that.


I can’t leave WDW w/o seeing Spectro…it is my favorite, BUT I wouldn’t PAY $110 to go. Enjoy the other parades and Wishes fireworks show. As far as I know, no matter what time you enter the park, it is still the same price but I could be wrong.


The SpectroMagic Parade was one of the highlights of my last WDW trip. It was so awesome, it brought tears to my eyes. I would consider paying the extra price for it.


Start your trip on Wednesday using your admission and seeing some attractions and the parade. Then on your last day, hang at the resort, use the pool and spend that time packing to go or exploring Downtown Disney. You get the best of all worlds that way. But, if you can’t work it that way, just skip Spectro and see it next time…there will be a next time believe me…evil laugh lol


I would not pay an extra admission to see Spectromagic. It is a neat parade, but will likely be there for a long time. Put it on your list of things to look forward to on your next trip.