SpectroMagic parade


Where is the best place to see/video tape the SpectroMagic parade?


I copped a spot right in front of the Emporium and it was amazing. The only problem is you need to plan on getting there early to get a spot right on the curb for an unobstructed view. We waited on the curb for an hour, but it was well worth it.


In front of the Emporium is where we usually always watch the parade. Get a place early.


I scored a dinner at TOnys and sat outside and it was so perfect!!


We love to watch SpectroMagic on Main Street but we don’t always get there early enough to score a front row seat so we usually end up in Frontierland. It’s a lot easier to get a good spot the farther from Main Street you get.


The very best possible view for both Spectro and Wishes is on top of the train station on Main street. You have to get there 2-2.5 hours before time. Grab a meal and park yourself. Get on the chairs right in front for the best view.


we tried this last jUne and were told to move by a CM. we ended up in front of the train station over


Sorry guys but the best place to view Spectro is right in front of the Confectionary on Main Street. You can see both sides of the floats as they come around the Main St. hub and all the characters who are on the street allow for easy interaction. I know whenever I do Spectro I be sure to get a handful of the guest there b/c they’re easily accessed LOL


Tony’s still sounds like a great idea!!! A great dinner and then a great parade!! As someone once said, “who could ask for anything more?”


By someone you mean George and Ira Gershwin, right? :laugh:

who feels like Chastmaster with a reference to a 20th century pair of composers who just happen to be brothers


You and DaddyBear will have to have a contest.