Spectromagic/Main Street Electrical Parade question


This may have been asked, so if it has I apologize, I haven’t been too active on here for a bit, but anyways, I will be heading down to WDW on Nov 5th and I am trying to plan out some times for shows, etc.

Is Spectromagic still running? I saw they have the Main Street Electrical Parade before wishes, are they just running that in place of Spectro for now??


Electric Light Parade is running instead of Spectro if that is what is listed on the calender. ELP is AWESOME, so don’t be upset about it. You will love it!


Thanks!!! I am looking forward to seeing ELP, but I loved Spectro, so it is sad that I won’t see Spectro.


WHen did they bring back ELP!?


This past summer. It was only supposed to be through August, but due to “popular demand,” it is here to stay for at least 2 years.


I saw it the first night that it started back up again. The crowd went wild. They loved it, and it was so fun to hear that music again, and to see the ladies and men in waiting with Cinderella’s float all lit up in lights-they were fabulous, just like when I was a kid…

It is really fun!


The band reformed in the early 90’s.:laugh:


You will love the ELP it is great.


Is it the same one from when I was a child or has it changed? I’m really glad they brought it back! Where has it been?


A little bit of both.

It has many of the same aspects from the original in the 70s, even the same beat of music, Baroque Hoedown. But they’ve added synths to the music to make it even more brighter, fun and beautiful.

And it’s been in Disneyland but they hardly ever used it :laugh:


I like ELP, but I luv Spectro so I guess i’ll go against the grain in stateing i’m sad it’s not returning. But then again as awesome as Wishes is I still miss Fantasy in the Sky too.


Spectro was SO much fun but I pretty much have it memorized. I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with ELP!! <3 Thanks for the info, Rowdy!


I’m with you on this one. I was there for the first night of ELP and did enjoy it, but I wish Spectro was back. The music for Spectro is #1 in my book! I enjoyed the Nightastic firework show and with they would have kept that a little longer.

Hanwill, where were you for the first night? We were in Liberty Square, any chance you were nearby?


No, we were not in liberty square, but we were there on Main street in front of the popcorn stand kind of in front of the ice cream store, but in the hub… In other words, we were in the hub, to the left of the tomorrowland bridge, but near the popcorn stand. Boy, Mickey sure makes some money off that popcorn stand. Fireworks were great from there, as was the parade. I could see them as they turned the corner-with an unobstructed view. So much fun!!! All of the adults seemed really excited, and even more so when the music started.