Spiderman meal


Anyone know if there is a spiderman character meal without going to IoA


I don’t think so. They occassionally do some characters at some of the US/IOA resort restaurants, but I don’t think they havd Spiderman there.

We did this breakfast once (I think it’s at Confisaco Grill - just inside IOA). We had the 1st seating of the day and it was great. Character interaction was wonderful because it wasn’t really crowded yet - I’ve heard as it gets later it gets busy and the characters don’t interact as much. We saw Spidey, Thing 1 & 2 and the Cat-in-the-Hat. Breakfast was a basic buffet. Nothing special there.


Yeah, I agree with E&B’sMom. There used to be a character meal at the Hard Rock Hotel, but I haven’t heard anything about that in a few years. The only one I know of is the meal at the Confisco Grille and that’s inside IoA.


Wow, I didn’t even know IOA had character meals. My son, (and me:blush: ) would love to meet Spider-man. I will definitely plan this for our next trip.

I only know about Disney and SeaWorld meals and restaurants. Never really explored the Universal options, outside of a green egg and ham sandwich. :laugh: :laugh:


They don’t have very much in terms of choice. Just the one at IOA, and I think on a couple of nights they have one at The Kitchen at HRH and one at the restaurant at RPR (but only like one oor two nights a week). And like I said, the one at IOA is great for character interaction, but don’t expect a fabulous meal - just basic breakfast stuff.


We went to that last year but he wants to meet Spiderman for breakfast on his birthday and I hate to pay for Universal because while we had fun last year there weren’t really enough rides for little kids there