Spirit air changed my flight plans!


Now I’m getting to WDW 20minutes earlier!:ohmy: :laugh: oh the torture! They changed my flight “segment” whatever that means and we will now arrive sooner than we were suppose to. The flight takes off at the same time. Whatever…that’s 20 less minutes I spend on the plane…sounds like a plan to me.


Do you change planes en route somewhere?? That just might mean 20 minutes less between planes. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with that if I am anxious to get somewhere.


Hey 20 less minutes travelling sounds good to me too!! :ohmy: :biggrin: All the more time spent at WDW!


When is your flight? Im taking spirit air Aug 26. Im just wondering when if any travel time surprizes may spring up my way.

Twenty minutes less in the air sounds like a good thing to me. Just wondering where they shaved the time? I have never heard of an advance tail wind notice, haha. I know at some airports they account for time spent on the runway, maybe things got shifted in your favor.



Actually, they do have faster routes up there.:laugh: A pilot told me that.

That’s great Dana, I know 20 less in the air will make you very happy.


So tell us, what will you do with the extra 20 minutes? We know you have a plan!


That sort of news is always welcome. :cool:


Lucky you… our flight got changed from 6:30 to 7:30 (AM) - but our return flight got changed from 5:30 - 6:15 (pm)


Dana, I JUST got that e-mail from Continental!! I am departing 25 minutes earlier than the original time, and the arrival time was 20 minutes earlier.:huh: I don’t need to inform ME do I, I guess only if the flight number changed, which it didn’t. Well, looks like we both gained a little time, YAY!


I noticed spirit air was not under the list of airlines in my DME booklet. I thkn that only means I cant check in to my room in advance, right?

Will this be a problem?


Yes, we know you’ve gotta have a plan! :biggrin: Please share!


No changing plans or lay overs…thank goodness. The flight was 2 hours and 25 minutes and now is 2 hours and 5 minutes…that’s the only difference…lol


I leave on october 25th. They are apparently taking a different air route and that is why the time is shorter.


I am still thinking about that one. I think that the extra twenty minutes will be spent on either RnR or TOT!


you just get you own bags and take them on DME with you. No biggie.


They stole 15minutes of WDW time from you. Not cool at all. Seriously, it’s not that bad of a change. At least your return flight isn’t earlier too. That would have just stunk.