Spirit airfare sale


Spirit airlines is having a mega sale right now on airfare. If you are in need of airfare this summer, you had best get over to that site and book ASAP. Great prices…that I missed of course…lol


I booked last week on Spirit last week and got the best deal on Spirit Plus for the last week in Aug.

It was the lowest out of all the others but still high in my opinion.

Thanks for letting us know about the deal.


I just booked too…didn’t get the perfect deal, but oh well. I can deal I guess. I do hope someone gets to take advantage of this sale. That will make me feel better.


We’re already booked with Delta! And we’ve changed the flight once already, and DCL has changed it (for the better!)again! So, we’re gonna stick with em’! :happy:

(I don’t even want to see the sale prices, because I’ll bet they’re better!) :tongue: