Spirit of Aloha at Poly with young kids?


I have two children – 5 & 3. Would either, one or neither enjoy the show? I’ve booked for all of us to go but after talking to some of the CM’s they seem to think that my 3-year old DS would be bored pretty quickly.


Yeah, I’m thinking they’re right about that. There is no audience participation that I know of.
Have you considered Hoop Dee Doo instead?


I think Hoop Dee Doo is much better for young kids. My son started going at about 5 and he loved it, he cracked up the whole show (and still does).


skip it and do the HDDR instead. your kids will love it!


We had 3 kids with us last July. At the time they were 8, 6 and almost 3. They all had a ball. We had done HDDR and Mickey’s BBQ so we were looking for something different. They loved the Volcano desserts and the show was fun for them. I would recommend you go to the earlier show if you have kids though.


We took our kids a while back, and it was not a fun experience. We kept wishing we were inside at 'Ohana.

We went to the first seating, and we felt rushed, which was a bummer. And there was no participation for the kids. The food was so-so, and the performers seemed uninspired.

I vote HDDR instead!


I have to agree with everyone else here and think you should try to get into Hoop-Dee-Doo or just do a character meal.


I’ll play the opposite point of view on this one - I think the Spirit of Aloha show is great for kids.

When we went in 06 the kids seemed to be having a blast. I think its cute!


We took DD when she was 2. She enjoyed the show.
We tried to get in with DS 3 and DD who is now 8, but it was full :frowning:


I think your 3yr old would be fine. But does your 3yr old good at sitting still?
My DD was 6 when we went and enjoyed it very much. We went to the later show though for the nite time effect. There was alot of kid participation at the show I was at and we all enjoyed it very much!!!
DD is still bugging me to go back again! :happy:


I personally would wait about 2 years to do this with them. The show isn’t that interactive and the price is very expensive. Sign them up for the “Pirate Adventure” at the Grand Floridian…they will have a ball, and save you money for other activities.


Another thing to do is the Wonderland Tea Party at the GF.
DD had a great time with that!!! :happy:
They get lunch and lots of other goodies and play games!
Oh and Alice and the Mad Hatter are there!! :cool:


I think they definitly will!
Last year we brought a 2 almost 3 year old and Maddie who was almost 1.
They both sat quietly, and when it came to doing kid interaction on the stage Riley (the almost 3 year old lol) jumped on stage to dance, clap and yell :blush:


My daughter enjoy the show and the food but my son wasn’t big on it. I would say with younger kids, go for the Hoop Dee Doo


While I personally enjoyed Spirit of Aloha far more than HDDR, I think if I had a 3 year old with me, I’d do HDDR.