Spirit of Aloha Polynesian Luau


To Go or Not to go ???

Im reading alot of Mixed reviews … and if it is going to use up two of my Dinners I really want to know if its worth it.

Deal or No Deal. I mean go or Not to go ?


We kind of hated it. :sad: It is not run BY Disney though it is on Disney property, and I believe it shows in the attitudes of the servers and the quality of the food. The show itself is OK, but we honestly have had more fun at every single other Disney restaurant and character meal.



I already have a character meal planned for another day. I wanted to do something Extra/cool at another dinner and thought this was one of the best.
Like an idiot, I reserved it BEFORE reading the reviews and I was really SHOCKED at the bad press it was getting.
I am really starting to second guess it now.

Schedule another Character Dining with my 7yr old son ? Or is there something that is “cooler” ?


Mickey’s Bar-B-Que is a good thing, also the Hoop-de-do-Revue is another good take :happy:


I personally think Hoop De Doo Revue at Fort Wilderness is more worth “2 dinners” than the Luau. Have you looked into that one?


No. but I will.

Cancel the Luau, and schedule the Hoop De Doo instead ?

Hoop De Doo didnt sound interesting for a 7 year Old Boy. I guess I was thinking Grease or something like that.


I think the Luau sounds fun, Jonesy! I wonder why others didn’t like it…

Hoop Dee Doo sounds like a blast, too. It’s supposed to be a corny old western show…

I think this choice is entirely up to you. I am wondering how wrong you can go with these types of shows…


Hoop-de-doo is “down home country”. Lots of corny jokes. Good “comfort” food. I think it would appeal to a 7 year old boy more than the luau.


I went to the Luau when I was 12. I liked it! It was a good show and our server was great! She kept asking me if I liked the food, just to make sure I found something I liked and was eating, and she brought me several of the fruit punches to try. My whole family liked it. Of course, that was about 10 years ago. Maybe it’s gone downhill? I don’t know.


Honestly - I think it has. A lot of people are reporting that it’s not as good as it use to be. We went years ago and it was fun - but apparently it’s kind of “gone downhill” since then.


Hi there!
I took my 2 boys (11 & 15) in November 06 and we had a good time. The boys really liked all the food especially because it kept coming. They also loved the fire dancers.
We plan to go to Hoop de doo this year.


I vote for Hoop Dee Doo – We ALL love it…we’ve been with people age 4 to 75 and EVERYONE had a fabulous time! We’ll be making our third trip there in October!


The HDD is many times better, IMHO. We love it and go every trip. Your 7 year old will have a blast! Do it! The luau was just okay. But the HDD is so fun!


I Loved the Luau…my boys liked it too. [7 and 13] :smile:


HDD is great, and if I had to pick just one I’d probably do HDD. We’ve done HDD several times in the past, so we’re going to try the Luau in June. I’m really hoping we have a good experience. :crying:


I liked the luau! Food was pretty good and I, of course, really enjoyed the dances! HDD is really good though too…tough decision…


We did the Luau 2 years ago (DD’s were 11 and 7) It was Ok but it not something I would rush back to. If you don’t get a seat fairly near the front and your children are small they could have trouble seeing. If is also cancelled if the weather is bad as it is outside, but you are seated under cover! The food was ok and they did hace Mac and cheese for the kids if they didn’t like what there was. Dessert was a big let down!


This was quite a few years ago now… but I love the Luau the dances were great and my children even though they were small really love it. But of course it could have changed since then. I know the price has stopped us from doing the Laua the last times that we have gone to WDW I have never done the HDD even though we have stayed at Fort Wilderness many times. My vote would be for the Laua…


We did the Luau last Christmas, DS 9, DD 7, DD 5, they hated it, my DH and the boys left at the beginning of the show, my DD and I stayed until the fire and then she wanted to leave, I was so sorry I wasted 2 table service meals.
We also did the HoopDeeDoo Review, my kiddies were thrilled, my DS 9 was laughing so hard through out the whole show, I never saw him laugh so hard. Now that was worth 2 table service meals for us.
Have a great trip, I hope this helped.


Like LynnA, we went to the Luau last year with our boys 5 & 12 at the time. We were fortunate to have a table right in the front. The food was just OK for us. We were up and going all day since early morning, and little one was showing his lack of energy by now. The beginning of the show was upbeat, then it got a little to slow (and boring) for the boys. Little DS was actually nodding off during the slow hula part that we actually left before the fire part.

We’re doing HDDR this year (first time), with a light day planned before that evening. I think that will be a big factor in helping to keep the boys up and full of energy.