Spirit Plus?



Im going to Disney the end of august. Im flying Spirit Plus. They had a special when I booked. From what I gather they take a normal row of three seats, pull out the three seats and put in two larger seats in it’s place. I think they only have 12-15 of these seats on the planes that have spirit plus. Anybody ever fly it? Let me know what im in for.

Thank You.


I have never flown with that company… sorry…


We have used it a few times, and if you get the right price it is a good deal.You get more leg and elbow room and snacks. The best part is that you get to board first and get off first. Relax and enjoy, you will like it!


We have flown Spirit several times but never Spirit Plus. The service was very good so I think that coupled with the extra space will be a big hit!!!


I have flown Spirit before, but NEVER Spirit Plus!!! (never even heard of it) Hope it’s everything you want it to be!


We upgraded to spirit plus on the way home once. When we checked in the clerk asked if we wanted to upgrade.It was 25.00 per person to upgrade. Well worth it. If you can get the upgrade at the airport for a decent price I say do it. But I do not know if I would pay the higher fare to book the seat. SOmetimes itis pretty pricey!


I believe this is like what Spirit uses as their " first class" type section. We just got back from Florida (No Disney this trip–my dad has a house in Vero Beach)…My dad flew alone coming home and got upgraded because there was no one in those seats (long story). Looks really nice…