Splash Mnt. down for refurb. Jan. 2011?


with the major refurb. that happened to Splash in Jan. 2010, and with all the other construction going on in MK…do you think they will close Splash again this year for a refurb???

…trying to decide whether to go to WDW in early Dec. or early Jan. based on likelihood of this particular ride’s refub.:blush:

any thoughts??


Splash Mountain is taken down yearly for a few weeks for cleaning. With the all the water, heat, and humidity you can imagine a good cleaning is needed.


yea…i know that it usually is down this time of year, just wondering if with all the other construction they would be keeping it open…maybe wishful thinking on my part.


No think they will take it down for cleaning. I think it might become a safety concern if they let the yearly cleaning and maintenance slide for a year.


i agree…yuk! lol

…so i’ve been messing around with my dd’s school calender and other DW sites…checking dates etc…

i decided to book early Dec. just to be safe…
asked DD how much she really cared about Sm being open…she cares alot! :slight_smile:

so we’ll be going in Dec. so to be sure not to miss out.