Split resort stay & Magical Express. Yikes


I am starting to get a little concerned about our split resort stay in August. In case you don’t remember (not that I expect you to :tongue:) we have our DVC reservation at Boardwalk Villas from August 19th-26th. When I was looking for airfare, we realized we could save a TON of money leaving one day before, and getting a room at Pop for one evening was STILL saving us money on the airfare. SO, we now have one night at Pop for August 18th and 7 nights at BWV.

From what I understand, they transfer your luggage from resort to resort with no real problem but those good folks at Magical Express seem a bit confused. I received two Magical Express packets yesterday, one saying they did not have my flight info and the other one saying they did.

I just got off the phone with ME and they can’t even find my DVC reservation in their system. She said she could take my flight info ARRIVING into Pop but could do nothing about the DEPARTURE from Boardwalk. She suggested I called “member services” to work it out but I would assume member services would refer me back to Magical Express. So as of right now they have me in the reservation system as ARRIVING at Pop on August 18th and DEPARTING the next day with no flight info on record! YIKES!:confused: :ohmy: :huh:

So, now I am getting nervous that this extra night stay is going to cause more problem than worth. Has anyone ever done this before? Did they transfer your luggage fast and easy? Did you have any Magical Express problems as far as two resorts go?

Thank you!


We’ve done just what you are doing. Last summer we spent a week at WL on cash and then another week at BCV on points. We booked ME through WDW for our arrival and had to book through member services for our departure. Our bags were moved from one resort to the other with no problems. As far as I heard the only way to book DME when you are staying on points is to all member services.


It seems like what I have from ME is only my arrival tags. We are staying at Pop. I am just assuming that there is something I do once I check in to get tags of some sort for departure? Or maybe since I am flying air tran I don’t get tags for the return and just carry my own bag.


You don’t need tags for your return. If you do the resort airline check in your bags will be tagged when you check in just like they would be at the airport. If you don’t check in at your resort you just have your bags loaded on the bus before you board and you get them back when you arrive at the airport. The two times we used DME there were plenty of skycaps waiting to help us with our bags.

You will get a note under or on your door the day before you check out telling you what time to meet the DME bus the following day. Have your note and the booklet you got in the mail handy when you board the bus and that’s all you need.


I thought that only certain airlines had the check through option for the return trip… Maybe that has changed… or maybe I understood things incorrectly… but my understanding was that you could only check in at the hotel and get boarding passes issued for certain airlines… I don’t know what that means as far as having your luggage check through as we had a participating airline…I made sure to book on a participating airline again this year… W/three small kids too little to carry any luggage…DME’s luggage service has been a Godsend.


It is still certain airlines that are allowed to check in at the resorts. We usually fly SWA and it isn’t included on the list so we have to take our luggage on the bus with us. It’s not a problem since the driver loads and unloads the bags and there is always a skycap waiting to help us check our bags.