Split Stay and Refillable Mugs


Can anyone tell me how the refillable mug works if you have booked a split stay at Disney? Two nights at POFQ and 4 nights at the Poly.


All of the mugs are the same at every resort so it won’t be a problem.


That’s been our experience. The GF mugs are the same as the Poly’s and Contemporary’s.


I would think that’s okay. There is something written on the side…I can’t remember the exact wording but it basically says you can use the mugs during the trip you purchased them on.


Yes, the wording is something like free refills available until the end of your stay.


Welcome to MB and you can use them in either location. Enjoy your stay and the Poly is my favorite Resort


Mugs use to be different. We still have Blizzard Beach mugs that we couldn’t use anywhere else. If they’re all the same now, how would they know when or where you got them?


They don’t, and usually don’t seem to care.


And your stay ends when you check out of the first hotel, not the day you leave for home from the second hotel.
That’s the rule, but not always the practice.