Split stay GF & what other hotel


We are still deciding whether to split our 6 day trip (family of 5 - children 2, 7, & 9). Definately plan to stay at the GF for the first 3 days. Originally thought the BW because of its proximity to Epcot. But now am reconsidering. Would the BC, BW, or WL be better for this age group of children?


I say WL. They have a kids program there I think, an arcade, the pool has a great slide, and the hotel is beautiful. It’s really convenient too, a boat ride away from MK.


Beach Club!!! Stormalong Bay is the best pool in WDW. Your children will love it.


I think WL would be a great contrast to the GF. Still close to the MK and has lots for kids!


I say the Beach Club, the pool looks awsome for the kids. Me too actually! :pinch:


Beach club is my vote too. I think splitting a six day trip with three little ones is going to be a chore, but more power to you. :heart:


I’d vote for Beach Club too - but honestly, for the length of time your going. Stay put at the GF. Moving is a hassle - even Disney-style.


I say BC. This way for the 1st half of your trip you have easy access to MK and the 2nd half you’ll be close to EPCOT and MGM. Also I heard the pool at BC is to die for!!!


I say Beach Club too.
Since you’ll already have stayed at an MK resort, it would be nice to be close to Epcot and The Studios for part of your stay.

And the pool is great!
Kids in those age groups wil really love Stormalong bay!


I would say WL. It’s so beautiful and peaceful there, yet fun for the little ones! Make sure if you stay there to eat at the resturant, it’s really fun!


AKL!! :slight_smile:

Oh, wait.

WL then. :slight_smile:


i say the BC is your best bet because the BC is such a family friendly resort. i think it’s perfect for a family to stay there because of the location (right next door to Epcot, 10 min. from MGM and the BW is a 5 min. walk), the atmosphere in general is great, there are a lot of restaurants you can go to to eat, and the pool is a must go to if you stay there. the older kids will love the pirate ship slide and the 2 year old will love playing in the sand. i say go with BC.


I think BW would be of equal stuffyness to GF for the kids so I would say BC also.


WL is fantastic, but if you’ve just been at a Magic Kingdom resort and have the opportunity to stay at BC with Stormalong Bay, I’d definitely go for BC!! It’s a gorgeous resort and that pool is absolutely amazing.


Beach or Yacht as they’re basically the same resort. Some say the Beach is a little lighter, but as I said, the two resorts are actually one giant hotel, only the Beach Club Villas of the DVC are seperate. The kids will love Storm Along Bay and they also have kids programs at the Beach.


Thanks for allthe advice. We have decided to stay put at GF. Besides that gives us an excuse to come back and stay near Epcot.


Good for you! Since you’re only there for 6 days, it makes sense. Now, if you were going for longer than a week, a split stay would be great!


What about the Polynesian?
That’s great fore kids! They have absolutely the BEST pool…anywhere! At night, you can see the MK fireworks over the castle right from the pool! And that volcano slide… :angel:


I L :heart: VE, L :heart: VE, L :heart: VE The Poly!!! I would spend my ENTIRE stay there!!! :cool:


On our next trip to WDW, we are planning on staying at the Poly for a full week! :cool: