Split Stay or not?


We are going to WDW March 28th with another family. They are staying Friday-Sunday but we are staying until Tuesday. We are staying at POFQ with them. They do not have the money right now to upgrade any further. We actually even gave them 200 disney points to make their hotel expense more affordable. We, however, are considering checking out sunday morning at POFQ, and then checking into the AKL for the last two nights. The passholder rate at AKL is $164 plus tax a night. We would be paying $157 plus tax a night at POFQ. Not a huge difference.

So I am trying to decide…stay at POFQ for the last two nights or change to AKL? I was all for upgrading until I started thinking about the pool. I was not impressed with the pool at AKL and the pool at POFQ is suppose to be really nice. But who knows if we are going to get to the pool in the afternoon or if it will even be warm enough to swim…

So what would you do…upgrade or stay put???


I would upgrade, just to have a different experience. Also if your friend is still at the other resort you can use that pool I’m sure. I usually move around abit just to enjoy the different aspects of Disney. Some people think its a hassle to move but I don’t mind. I usually pack 2 separate bags for my stay at the 2 different places, so I don’t have to repack.


For $7 and some change why not slurge on your last two nights, I’d do it in a hearbeat.


I would splug too…