Split Stay Question


On my upcoming trip next week, we’re doing a split stay between a Studio @ BWV and SSR. How do we handle our luggage for the resort switch?? Thanks in advance! :happy:


I believe they switch if for you.
Have fun!


2 ways, take it with you if you have a car or the easy way, call bell service and tell them you are moving to SSR and you leave your luggage near the door . They will get them there. If you think you will need something from your bags take it with you because your room may not be ready for several hours or the luggage can be delivered hours later. We never had to wait for luggage but the room,yes. Have a great trip,both resorts are beautiful and offer unique options!


they will move it, but be prepared to be without it for awhile. As mentioned, if you have a car, you are better off moving it yourself.


Ditto to the previous notes. The big thing to plan around is the delay that might happen if you need something mid day.


We were moving from Animal Kingdom Lodge to Kidani and it was going to take them hours. . . just for a point of reference.

We moved it ourselves. :blush:


We have a car, so of course any time we’ve switched ourselves rather than wait for someone else to bring our stuff over.


Let bell services know the night before that you will be moving to another resort and ask if you can have your luggage moved as early as possible the next morning. It used to be that you could leave your luggage in the room and go off to the parks, but now you have to wait until they come get it. So it can take a while if you call in the morning.


Ditto. This is the best way.


Do you tip the bell services when they come to pick up your luggage? Just wondering because I’ve never done this before and I might be in the same boat for a trip in March-April.


Yes - about $1.00 per bag is the usual.


On our last split stay between POF and the Poly we took a taxi early in the morning before the parks were open.

We took our luggage with us. We were able to check in at the poly before we took off to the parks for the day. We had access to our bags all day and we didn’t have to worry about checking into the hotel after a long day at the parks.


We have had our luggage moved many times and it’s always easy. We call about 20 minutes before we’re ready to head out for the day and someone comes up, tags it, and takes it down for us. Once we’re in our new room we call and someone brings it up for us. We’ve been told that they don’t start moving any luggage until sometime between 12 and 3 pm. They want to make as few trips as possible.


Thanks for all the great tips everyone! We’re flying down and using DME so we won’t have our own car. I’d heard rumors that you could have it moved, but I was unsure of the process, so thank you all!


I hope you have a great trip!


Thanks! Me too!! Going with some great friends who share the passion of “Screaming at the sight of a Mouse!” :mickey: It’s almost here… :goofybounce:


AHHHHH! Look! There he is! Just warming up! :happy:


Have a wonderful trip. We have done many split stays and it has worked out really slick. We have even done the work to carry the bags to the bell services with us as we head out in the morning (bell services is usually located near the bus stop) At Boardwalk it is out the front side of the building, not towards the boardwalk itself. That way you are certain that all the bags got to the starting destination and are on their way as you start your day. And yes, the bags may not arrive to your room until later that day, so be prepared to again tip if the bell service staff delivers to your room.
Enjoy the resorts they are magnificent and so much fun to explore and discover.:tinkerbell: