Split stays


Does anyone know if you do a spilt stay if luggage services will move your bags to your other hotel?


Absolutely. We have done it many times.:cool:


Thanks so much! I kind of figure but thought I’d ask anyway! :blush:


Do it all the time!:happy:


yeah! this will be our first time doing a split stay!
we’re going to POP for 2 nights then WL for 4!
(First time at both!)


They will, but as we’ve had our car, it was quicker to bring our own rather than wait on someone else.


They will move your luggage for you. The night before you check out, it’s wise to talk to someone at the front desk and tell them that you are changing resorts the next day and ask them how they handle bag transfers. When I moved from the AKL to the poly, they had a specific luggage pick up time etc for me. It took until 4pm to get my bags however and that was a tad annoying. If you have a car or don’t mind paying the $14, take them yourself or use a cab…it’s WAY more efficient.


Like was stated above, yes they do move your luggage with no problem at all. It was very easy but it does not happen right away. You have to check out of your 1st hotel in the morning, but the luggage will not be at your new hotel until 3:30-4:00.

When I arrived at our 2nd hotel (Beach Club), I notified Bell Services that I had luggage coming from the Contemporary and gave them my room #. We then left for the parks and when we returned that night our luggage was waiting in our room.


We figured we’d check out of POP in the AM, hit the parks and just have our lugguge waiting for us in the other room (We will have a rental car). We figured since we wanted to do the parks while we were waiting between check out and check in, it would be better to have them do it so we wouldn’t have melted deodorant (that would NOT be good!)


We do it almost every trip. We let the resorts handle our bags so we don’t have to worry about it. We call about 30 minutes before we are ready to leave for the day and someone comes and tags our bags and takes them down for us. Once our bags are taken we head out for the day and when we take a break we go to our new resort and get checked in and call for our bags.

It doesn’t take any longer than calling bell services to get your luggage on your check out day, it’s quick and easy.


I agree with that statment!!

We have been splitting stays since 2001 and it is much easier for us to just pack up the car and go check in at the other resort. If you do not have a car than Disney will take care of it for you, just not as fast.


When we went in May 2005, we stayed in no less than 4 WDW (CR, POFQ, WL, and back to POFQ - different room, different side of the resort) resorts during our 10 days there. They moved our bags every time, of course each time we wound up with increasingly more stuff. They will even store your perishables for the fridge in the fridge for the baggage people, and they will bring everything right to your room when you check in and call them. It was really awesome. I would definitely do that again. They made moving around so easy.


Can backpacks be left with them too? Like our laptop bag? Would you trust that to go? We wouldn’t have anywhere to leave that if we didn’t rent a car (which we are going back and forth with now)…


Man what a switch. Great to go from the cute yet crowded POP to the relaxing WL. Nice!

I wouldnt worry at all about backpacks or laptops. Thay give you a claim check. Ive even sent a paper bag.


We send everything and have never had anything come up missing.


That’s so good to hear! We ditched the rental car and decided to use ME and Disney Transportation for the week!


What, move luggage?:blink: :huh: :blush: