Splitting a stay at Thanksgiving


This seems like a no brainer - but I’d love to see what you all think.

We are doing Thanksgiving again this year. In 2007, we did two nights at the Nick Hotel (meh :glare: ) and then we did 6 days at the BCV.

We want to add a couple days on property - but we aren’t going to have the point for the BC. We probably will do POFQ or one of the value resorts for the extra nights.

So - do we add on the Friday/Sat before Thanksgiving OR do we stay the Sat/Sun night after?

A “move-up” to the BCV seems nicer than the alternative, BUT I hear the crowds really drop off the weekend after (plus Christmas kicks in full force).



I would start my stay at POFQ or other resort and move to BCV. It just seems better to start in the smaller room and move to the larger room.

When we stay a couple of nights at one resort and move for the main part of our trip I pack a carry on bag just for that short stay so we don’t have to open all the larger bags. It makes packing up to move much easier.


I’d save the BC for the Christmas stuff. You can walk either from DHS for the Osbourne lights or Epcot for the christmas music/ extra fireworks and still be “home” in 15 min.


We are already locked in at the BCV. We arrive the Sunday before Thanksgiving and depart the Sat after.

Just not sure about the add on days.


I agree with PP’s. I’d start with the mod resort and upgrade to the deluxe for the second part of the trip. Save the best for last!

ETA: I guess I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you trying to decide whether to add 2 days at a mod on to the end or the beginning of the trip or are you trying to decide whether to add them on at all?


Yes - beginning or end?

Beginning = sensible upgrade to BCV
End = better park days and more Christmas fun


I will always vote for better park days and more Christmas!


I was there both weekends this year. The weekend before Thanksgiving was MUCH less crowded. HOWEVER…I would DEFINITELY stay the weekend after because that’s when ALL of the Christmas decorations and festivities are in full swing!!!


Ah, gotcha. I’d go for better crowd levels and Disney Christmas magic! Add to the end!


The weekend AFTER Thanksgiving is CROWDED! But IMHO, much more magical with all of the holiday happenings. :wub: