Splitting party for ADR


Since I booked my flights today I now know what time we (most likely) will be p/u by ME. I had booked lunch at Kona but I think ME will pick us up around 11:00. So I decided to cancel Kona and try for breakfast at Chef Mickey’s.

I called and tried to make an ADR for 5 of us (4 adults, 1 kid). I was told that the only avail time was 7:15. I then asked if I could split our party into a party of 2 and a party of 3. She said sure there was avail at 9:20 and 9:30 which is the time frame we wanted. So while confirming it she said OK, I have a party of 4 at 9:20 and a party of 1 at 9:30. Huh?

So I figure she did it this way hoping they’ll just add one more seat to the table of 4 or something or put the table of 1 up against the table of 4. She said no, there is no guarantee that you will be together and if the party of 1 doesn’t want to sit alone then someone in the other party can sit with them!

Should I keep this as is and just nicely ask at check-in for our tables to be togther? or do I keep calling and hope for a cancellation?

Then when I said I needed to cancel an ADR, she said “What is the reason you need to cancel it?” I thought I was doing a good thing. I’m sure most people just don’t show up for ADRs - instead I felt like I was putting her out! Her name was “Rainbow” by the way!!!


Leave it as is. They will let you put the odd man out at your table. No worries. It could have been an mistake made by there person making the ADRS:blush: yes, I am telling you to fib just a little:laugh:


I agree with Dana… Think about how most of the people that work there are really nice, and don’t care what we are doing. They see that we are there to eat, and they will do their best to acomodate us. I know that there are times when this is not true-i.e. 4th of July-or some other really crazy date… Plus, they will see that someone is going to be by themselves and think that the reservation agent made a mistake…

it will be alright!


This has happened to me before too . . . where they can’t fit in a table of 5 but have room for a 2 and a 3! When we’ve gotten to the dining each time the CM said NO PROB and seated us. Or, pushed two tables together so we could sit together!

Honestly I think they treat the reservations more like a call ahead program, so they get a feel for how busy they are going to be . . . I wouldn’t worry . . .


I have booked separate tables many times and it has never been a problem to accommodate everyone together. Don’t worry you will more than likely be seated all together!


Great - thanks everyone!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:


When you get there they will be so incredible accomodating. You will see. They will put you all together. This has happened to us before with a party of 6. They wanted me to have an adr that was 3 and 3 I said fine. So when we arrived they put us all together.


I think it will be fine also. We have a family of 5, and have been told the same thing, especially at the smaller restaurants, like Le Cellier. But, we have always been seated together. Even when we didn’t want to sit together!:laugh: (I am just kidding!)
I have also spoken to Rainbow before. I didn’t have any trouble with anything she helped me with, but when she said her name, I, too was like:confused: !!
(I wanted to introduce myself as dznylvr, but that wasn’t the name on the reservation, so I didn’t want her to get confused!:laugh: :laugh: )