Splitting time between WDW and Universal


If you were going to florida how would you split 8 days. I was thinking 3 in Universal and 5 in WDW. I havent been to Universal since it first opened. DD now 15 & 12. Any suggestions.



There are more rides for kids that age at Universal, so I’d make sure to spend some time there. 5-3 or 6-2 is probably good. Maybe keep the 8th day open and see how it goes.


I think it would depend on where you are staying and what you want to accomplish. Personally, I’d spend 4 days at each, doing WDW first and I would stay on-site at each. WDW is a busy vacation. Universal - if you’re stayin on-site - can be so relaxing. You room-key gets you into every express line and you never wait more than 10 minutes in any ride. You can easily do a park in about 4 hours and then head back to the resort and relax. Don’t do Universal first. The front-of-the-line perk will spoil you and you’ll be very impatient waiting at WDW.


What time of the year are you planning on going? That could make all the difference in the world in how many days at each park.

We ALWAYS visit Universal during our Orlando trips. My DD is on the verge of 17 and over the course of the last few years (probably since she was 10 or so) has been a ride junkie. I think that you can easily do each Universal park in 1 day. (1 day in each park…IOA, Studios).

The last couple of times we’ve gone (most recently Spring Break 2007), there were minimal crowds at Universal and it was the most relaxing part of our trip. WDW was sooooo busy then, especially Magic Kingdom so it was a nice break from the large crowds and smaller children that MK tends to attract.

Hope you have a wonderful trip!!


I would break the stay staying in WDW and Universal inside on both.


July or August.


On-Site in July or August is fine for Universal. We’ve done late June and Early August and as long as you’re on-site it can be great. Do Universal last - you will be spoiled not waiting in line. I think 4 days will be quite relaxing. If it were a less busy time, you might be relaxed with 3, but my recomendation for the summer is at least 4.

The resorts are great. We’ve stayed at RPR and HRH, and we prefer RPR. HRH is just too busy and loud for us (although out kids loved it, and I know ddoll preferes HRH). I just thought RPR was more relaxing.


It sounds like RPR is for me. Now I just have to get the green light from the DW.



We only needed 2 days to do Universal when we went this summer


I think 5 days at Disney and 3 days in Universal is a good idea. This way you have 1 day in each Disney park and 1 day for review or DQ or water park. You also have 1 day for each park at Universal and 1 day for review.