Spoiled by resorts?


Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else has this problem: Staying at the moderates and Deluxes and getting soo spoiled you don’t wanna go back to the values.
I was looking at PC and getting a value for Ashley and my honeymoon, since it will be virtually rock bottom prices when we go. Problem after being in POFQ and AKL, plus dining at some of the other resorts, I just don’t wanna go back to the values.
This has just been bugging me, since I do love ASmov, since that was the first resort my fam and I ever stayed at on prop.
So here’s the deal, basically a night in the deluxes = 3 nights at a value, economically I know whats the answer, but the preks at a Deluxe or even moderate, so tempting!
Lol and you thought us cm’s had it easier!
SO below, I would like thought and opinions on the matter and naturally any stories anyone wishes to share!


I don’t have any experiences with that as we have never stayed on property. My deal is we are changing our plans to go in June instead of November and stay at POFQ instead of offsite. I am afraid going on property this June will be it and we will NEVER want to stay off site again…lol I am not a fan of the “look” of the values…of course DH always says I have expensive taste…but I have never been there to say for sure. I would save up and go w/ a moderate or even a deluxe if you can get a good deal! (plus it is your Honeymoon…you deserve to splurge a little and enjoy the “luxury”!)


We are overly spoiled by the deluxes. We do spend a decent amout of time in our room though. And I think if we didn’t we could go “value” without a problem.


I haven’t looked back since my first stay in a deluxe. I stayed at the WL by accindent in 2002. I was booked to stay at the CBr and it closed down for renovations a few short months before my trip and I was upgraded to WL for free. Well since then I have tried AKL and now am going to try the Polynesian. i have to go at off-times (my preference anyway) to be able to afford these places, but I like the big rooms and all the perks that go with. Yes, I am spoiled now…lol However, I’d stay at a vlaue in a heartbeat if that was all that I could get. I just prefer the bigger ones because with it being off-season, I spend more time in my room due to shorter park hours and lack of desire to be a park commando. :wink:


Herein lies the problem, I could save up and stay at a luxury, or I could go for at least a week and spend >300 at a value.
Still sitting around the firepit and watching the animals at AKL…
Oh but staying onsite is such a thrill in itself!!! Which is why I want to add extra days just for the resort!
Oh WDWaddict, why change from nov to june?? After working there I can tell you Nov is a great time to go. Value season, which means lower rates, plus low crowds in the parks! AH but PO-FQ, I had an absolutely beautiful room there, with a comfortable king bed! Lol it was soo comfortable that Ashley slept in at least twice and caused us to miss our breakfastosaurus Ps one morning!


I have never had the $$ to stay at the deluxe hotels but we have stayed at several of the moderates. I admit, after the moderates, I really would prefer not to stay at the value resorts anymore. We just were alot more comfortable with the bigger room, and the less crowded food courts. We also noticed that the rooms were cleaner at the moderates. Maybe it was just our bad luck but the last 2x times we stayed at a value resort we found the bathroom was dirty <dead knats in the tub…ick>. We have not totally ruled out the value resorts and definitely would stay there again if we didnt have the money to stay at a moderate. Staying at a value, in our opinion, beats staying off site. We have made staying at a disney hotel part of our magical experience and would stay no other place.


My DW makes fun of me all the time but since we have stayed at Moderate and Deluxe resorts, I really find it hard to go Value. I think I am at the stage in my life that I am now firmly a Moderate guy. :happy:

I am sure once we stay at SSR, the bar will be raised once more. :angel:


I think that it’s almost unanimous, that once you’ve been spoiled at a moderate or deluxe, it’s kind of hard to look back. I’ve taken it a step further. Being a DVC member, I can’t imagine not have a suite at WDW. Well - you are getting married, so any chance some very kind relatives might contribute to a gift of a moderate or deluxe resort? At times like this I must admit that I prefer our Canadian custom of giving money instead of gifts for wedding presents. Not as romantic, perhaps, but a lot more practical.


The next time I stayed at a value resort after staying at AKL,I had just as much fun as before. I had no problem staying at All Star after AKL. My room was just as clean as at AKL. In fact,my room was ready when I checked in at 9am when it wasn’t when I checked in at AKL.


Never stayed at a value resort and after reading and seeing how crowded they get, probably won’t. Love our moderate CBR!!!


I personally have never stayed at a value. It really isn’t my family’s style. We like the comfort and amenities that are associated with the moderates. We really enjoyed our stay at POR last year and even though we are now DVC members, we intend to go back again. It was pleasant, quiet, and serene. I don’t like to go value, I don’t like to go commando. I like to come back early and enjoy all the the resorts have to offer, because to me that is part of the disney experience and I will pay extra for it and plan accordingly. I also will never go during peak crowd times, I like it when there are less people, because that also means that the room rates are lower as well.


Unfortunately my dad and brother have fell on hard times and I had to help them out financially so the $ may not be there for a November trip. I am still keeping my room until the very last minute possible just in case, but it doesn’t look likely. I would LOVE to go at Christmas but, again, that time of the year is WAY too pricey for me…ah, maybe someday.

*If I had to choose a week at WDW in a value or a couple days in a moderate, I would stay in the value. Who knows, maybe if some good rates come out for November, I will give it a try instead of SoG(which for DH’s rank it is $97 a night) just to save a few bucks. Shouldn’t knock it until I’ve tried it, right? Though I do dream of a week in WL or Beach Club…ahhh, to dream…lol


I guess it’s pretty much like trying to go back to hamburger after you’ve finally started eating steak. Its beef and just as filling, but not the same.
Funny thing is that most people are right, its preferable to stay onsite at the values than offsite. Well I don’t know I take that back, stayin offsite is great only if you prefer dining outside the parks…I learned that back in may.
Since Ashley and I are wanting to stay at every hotel at WDW I think we’ll just split the trip. She got a voucher for 2 nights 3 days lodging in the orlando are, so I suppose we can use that to stretch out the trip. PLus that gives us a gradual change, offsite to values to moderate/deluxe.
I don’t know what it is, but I am pumped to stay at PC. I just don’t which resort should end the trip though…
Oh and I know it’s gonna be my honeymoon and I should splurge, but some of yall have to remember I was just at wdw in May. Even with the Cm discounts, 5 nights at POFQ followed by another 2 nights at AKL did not come cheap. Lets hope I do get cash from some of the relatives…oh but how I really want the cookware, I need new pots!!!


I have never stayed in any of the Value Resorts, but from what I have read, I don’t think I want to. We have stayed at POR, or as I still call it, Dixie Landings. We loved that resort. We have also stayed at AKL twice. Loved it! I could do POR again, but I don’t think I could do Value. I guess that is why they have so many different resorts!


I am not only spoiled by the Deluxe resorts, I’ve gotten spoiled by the packages. Especially once I learned how to take advantage of them. I haven’t stayed concierge before but we are staying in a Polynesian concierge room. Have any of you stayed in one before, can you give me any advice?


Both times at AKL were conceirge. We used the lounge for breakfast almost every morning. We also took advantage of the snacks in the evenings and afternoon if we were at the resort. We got most of our beverages there also. Those things alone saved a ton on our food bill. We would not have stayed conceirge, but it worked out to be cheaper than 3 regular rooms, we stayed in the 2 bedroom suite.


We will NEVER go Value again and we only did it once. We use the resort too much. We went deluxe for 2 years and moderate last year which was a mistake. We love the Lodges esp. AKL. Once you have the convenience of everything in 1 building, it’s very hard to go back to the seperate buildings. We really missed our private balcony last year too. We love to sit out there and read and have a nightcap. The pool areas are much nicer too. I think on a whole the deluxes are so much better. I guess you can say that we are spoiled but it’s just DH and me…no little ones.


For our family vacation last year we stayed at the Poly. We loved the big room, food choices, the pools and easy transportation - Monorail! I am not sure if we would like All Stars or PC - the deluxes have spoiled us. My kids think all hotels at Disney have the concierge lounge!

Not sure if you have considered how Ashley will be feeling in November - when is your baby due? You might end up spendng more time in your room than on previous trips for her to rest her feet. Hot tubs are a pregnancy no-no but quiet pools should be wonderful for her to relax in.


I had to check the name and make sure I didn’t post that. In other words, my thoguhts exactly. It’s almost to a tee how I feel, excpet I am not a DVC member…lol


I suppose it’s a personal thing. There are people who feel that a hotel is just a place to sleep and dress, and then there’s the rest of us to whom a WDW resort is a very important part of their holiday. I’ve honestly got to say that I love the resorts as much as the parks. So, I guess it all depends on your own personal wants and needs.