Spoiler WANTED! Spaceship Earth


Who has been on Spaceship Earth since they changed it. I tried to search for a thread on this…but I couldn’t find anything.

Tell me everything, I want to know what has changed. I can’t stand the wait any longer!!:laugh:


I wish I could give you detailed information, but I really don’t remember enough about the old attraction to notice the changes they made…

From what I gather, they didn’t make a lot of drastic changes.

The main thing I noticed is that the inside of the attraction is much more polished and shiny-new these days, it looks GREAT! :heart:


Here ya go! YouTube - EPCOT New Spaceship Earth Ride - Sneak Preview at Disney

That shows you some really neat stuff about the interactive screen that is now on the ride.


The thing that most stuck out in my mind was the interactive screen at the end of the ride.


Thanks for the link!! That was fun to watch!!


Yep, this is what I was going to say. That was kind of fun for DS and I to do together.


Alot of it just looked cleaned up. Towards the end we joked that the area regarding the internet made us feel like we were in the Matrix. The interactive part was really neat. They have added a part about the cinema, the area with the classroom is gone as well as the scenes with the people using the video phones and the futuristic city is gone (I think). As we rode it, we did have a hard time remembering what had changed. I can say that we enjoyed it more.


That sounds like alot of fun! Can’t wait!!!


Thanks for the link- I was keen to know too what the changes were.


Yeah, it’s just a few updates. Nothing that will really blow you away. Do like the interactive…it kills some time on what used to be the LONG, SLOW backwards ride down.

I’m betting most people that haven’t ridden it 100 times don’t even notice.


Those interactive screens look like fun, nice way to pass the time!


Does anyone know if they have kept Jeremy Irons narration? I would be sad if it had been replaced.