Spontaneous decision to rent a car


DH really wants to go to Sea World while we’re there. But we don’t want to commit to anything in advance (ah, so much like us . . . :pinch: ) Anyway, is there a difference in price between an advance reservation and a spontaneous reservation? We don’t want a car for the whole week, but maybe just for a day or two.


What about a taxi?


There can be a very large difference depending on many factors…including availability of cars…and mood of person renting the car to you…haha…just kidding on that last part…sort of. Anyway…you could always just pick a day to pre reserve a car and then cancel it if you don’t want it. Or…get a Town Car transfer or taxi the day you decide to go.


I thought I read somewhere that renting a car was cheaper than taking a taxi. Not so?? I’ll have to do some more research! :happy:


Yes, it can be less expensive to rent a car. But, if you rent it last minute, that might not be the case.


Check out mousesavers.com rate codes and sidestep.com- also don’t forget your insurance co. coupons ect- some can double stack for better rates- I have got rentals for REALLY cheap- once for $10.50 a day in Los Angeles on short notice. I haven’t rented in Orlando so I can’t speak for that but it is worth a shot! Alot of companies will reserve one without a CC or pre-payment too- so you could tentativly reserve one.
Good Luck!


We always rent one if we fly to DW. I imagine it’s harder getting a deal for a day or two than for a week. Most of the specials are for a week (or a weekend).

I mentioned before on MB, we rented a minivan to drive to WDW and back and got a great deal from hotwire.com (found them on Mousesavers).

It was Hertz with GPS and satellite radio.


I think Mears has a cab calculator. You put in destination etc, and it will tell you how much it will cost.


There can be a big difference… like they only have really expensive cars left, etc. Plus, you can probably search around for discount codes and good deals.

Sea World is really close to WDW… I bet a cab would be a pretty good price too!

Good luck smee!!!


Most car rental places do not require you to submit a credit card until you pick up. It wouldn’t hurt to make a reservation. YOu can always cancel at the last minute.


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