Spontaneous Trip to Disney


Background to the trip: I had been wanting this pair of crocs I saw there last year and could not find them anywhere. I even called disney merchandising and they said they didnt have them anymore. My mom is a teacher and chaperoned the end of the year day trip to Epcot. While there she saw the crocs I wanted and bought them. So I picked them up from her saturday morning. Turned out, they were a little small. So I was going to have to wait until the next disney trip to exchange them. Saturday (yesterday), about 11am, as I was running errands, I called disney to find out my seasonal ticket had another week before it was blacked out. So I called h, and ran this crazy idea to get in the car, drive 2.5 hours, to exchange my crocs. I wanted to have them for the Universal trip in 3 weeks. I got home, and he was all for taking a spontaneous trip. He had a few errands to take care of before we could leave. So he went and did that while I packed. My DS couldnt believe we were just going to pack up and go. He got home about 2:30pm, about 2:45pm I was on the phone booking the Coronado Resort, and at 3pm we were on the road to Disney to exchange my shoes…lol

We arrived at the Coronado about 5:30pm. Checked-in, then went into the gift shop and there were the crocs. I was able to exchange them there within 5 minutes. It was funny we drove 2.5 hours for a 5 minute exchange that ultimately costed us $149 h, otel room, and then having to buy DS a seasonal pass $234, and then food for a night and a day…lol

We dropped off our luggage in the room, then hopped on the bus to Epcot. Arrived at Epcot, ate at Seasons, then got in to a 55 minute line for Soarin’. Got off the ride just as the park was starting to shut down rides at 9pm. DS was tired and wanted to go back to the room to go to bed.

Got up 7am this morning, ate breakfest, then headed to Magic Kingdom. The crowds were not bad AT ALL. We were there for the opening ceremony, then headed to Spash Mountain. Walked right on. Then Thunder Mountain…walked right on. By 10:30am we had done about 6 or 7 rides. We ate lunch at the counter service next to Small World, then went on more rides. About 1pm we tried to go to Peter Pan but the line was 40 minutes. We decided to pass on it and we went to Philharmonic. Then did a couple more things and decided it was time to get going. Got on the road about 2pm…got home around 5pm or so this afternoon.

DS is still walking around saying he doesnt believe we just packed up and took off for disney . He is use to my planning weeks in advance. It was a fun time and am just sorry we couldnt stay longer. And I have my new crocs…they are soooo cute! The fushia and orange ones…


Hooray for spontaneity! Sounds like a lot of fun! Do you have pictures to share? I’d love to see your new Crocs.:happy:


So, so lucky to be able to do that, and you and your family will be talking about it for years. We did something similar, only not to Disney as it would be an 18 hour trip, but we were at a store on a Saturday late morning, and dh looked at me and said he wished we were in Michigan. Drove home, packed and within 30 minutes of his comment, drove 4 1/2 hours to Michigan. We still giggle about it, years later!


Thanks for sharing and please post pics of the crocs


Oh! I wish I could go on spontaneous trips to WDW! It sounds like you had a great time but I’m with everyone else. I’d love to see the new crocs! :laugh:


I am soooooooooooo jealous! Good for you to be able to live so close and enjoy the magic of Disney on a day or two day trip.

Bet you can’t do a trip to NYC in an hour and half in the car…? Thats where my family goes when we want to get away for an overnighter but I will trade it for WDW any day.

Maybe we can trade homes for a month??


We kind of did that with our last trip we decided to go on Saturday so we booked a campsite for Thursday through Sunday. We left Monday morning and drove until 2 am most nights. It was fun…Though I think your trip sounds much nicer as you only had a few hours to drive…not three days. I so wish my DH would get a job down there.


How fun. I wish we lived close enough to do that. Your family will talk about that trip for years, maybe more than the trips you work so hard to plan.


Sounds like so much fun to do something like that! I wish I lived closer! Glad you could do it.


Sounds like a great trip!! Sometimes the spontaneous trips are the best!!


THAT IS AWESOME! Glad you had fun! Thank you for sharing.



Oh that could be dangerous. I’m afraid once I did it I would find random reasons to just take off and be spontaneous…LOL Enjoy the Crocs!


What a fun experience! I would love a trip like that!


sometimes the short trips are the best, no worry of adr’s and stuff


All week I have been thinking , “the 2.5 hour drive wasnt bad…we could do that every other weekend”…lol yeah right! I wish I had the money to do that.