Spoodles + Epcot = Lots of great pictures!


So last night, I decided it was time to celebrate my new job. Plus I wanted to do something nice for Drew, so I surprised him by taking him to Spoodles for dinner. He has never been, plus I was really wanting a Spoodlerita.

We had a reservation for 7:10pm, but arrived at the Boardwalk around 6pm. I made Drew guess on the way in where we were going. Spoodles was his second choice. He was excited. We checked in around 6:15ish just to see if there was an earlier available table. About 2 minutes later, we were seated. :happy:

We had one of the best tables in the restaurant next to the kitchen area, so we were able to watch them prepare the food. Drew and I love watching this kind of stuff, so it was a perfect location for us. Our waitress, Jo, was wonderful!

I didn’t even need to look at the drink menu when I was seated. I just went for my ID and a few minutes later, I had my fabulous Spoodlerita before Drew even had a chance to look over and decide what he wanted. I had to keep with my tradition of walking into Spoodles demanding alcohol (joke from the DC meet and greet back in February :wink:).

Here’s me with my drink of choice.


More pictures…more pictures! What a great Friday night you had…I’m envious.


For dinner, we shared the flatbread appetizer to start. It was pretty good, but I prefered the foccacia bread they serve with the meals. I LOVE that bread and the dipping oil. For the entree, I had the rigatoni (minus the sausage) and Drew had the oak-fired salmon. I had a bite of his and it was AMAZING! :flowers: Next time I go, I am getting the salmon. But my rigatoni was great too. We held off on dessert, since we were going to get something in Epcot after dinner.


We had our picture taken outside after our meal. It was really bright. Can someone please dim the sun? And don’t blame the spoodlerita–I only had one. :wink: :tongue:


So it was off to Epcot to see if our favorite Canadian was working. We didn’t see her at the beer cart, so we headed to Le Cellier to see if she was working. The girl at the stand said Tessa had been at the beer cart, but didn’t think she was working anymore today. So I called her and it turns out she was just on a break and would be back at the cart in a few minutes.

So to kill some time, we had our picture taken on the little bridge by Le Cellier. I love that area so much. It’s gorgeous!


A few minutes passed and some more minutes passed, and still no Tessa. So we walked over to the UK pin cart to have a look.

On our way back to Canada, we spotted a manager who had a pin I wanted to trade with. It was the whimsical lion and I really love that set. I knew I had a bag of trading pins with me, but I couldn’t find it. I guess Drew had pulled it out of my bag in the car and forgot to put it back in there. I apologized to the manager and told him I forgot my pins and I would just have to come back later to trade once I had some. He just smiled at me and handed me the pin and told me to have a magical night. It was so nice of him. Those are the types of managers who make me love Disney. :happy:

Anyways, back into Canada and still no Tessa at the beer cart. So we went walking through Canada. Well look who we spotted who was finally on her way back…


It was Lumberjack Tessa! (yes, we started singing the lumberjack song)

So we hung out at the beer cart for a little while and then Drew decided he wanted a beer. So for my second favorite picture of the night (my favorite will follow in a little bit), I present Drew getting carded by Tessa. :happy: It was hilarious!


So after harassing Tessa for a while, we decided to take a stroll and check out the topiaries. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie, so I was absolutely in love with this topiary.


Haha, this is GREAT!!! Oh i REALLY hope tessa is working a cart is August :tongue: WATCH OUT!!! hehe, looks like you and Drew had a BLAST Ginger!!!


The Bambi and Thumper topiaries were adorable. It’s one of Drew’s favorites and the photopass got messed up that we had taken a week or so ago. So we had to return to take more pictures of it. This time we used our own camera and didn’t leave it to the photopass guy to get the angle we wanted.


Oh, please tell me Tinkerbell’s Garden is somewhere in here in this mini TR?!?!? hehe

60 seconds… blackity blah blah blah


Mickey and Minnie–gorgeous! :mickey: But too crowded to wait to have our pic taken in front. We will just be “forced” to come back again. I just hate when those things happen. :wink: :happy:


We’re getting closer…



The Lady and the Tramp topiary per special request from Drew’s mom. She really is into gardening, so we had to take lots of pics for her. Dogs are her favorites.


I hate to tell you, but we never made it there. :sad: Darn, again, I will just have to go back later. I know I will be going within a few days, so I will be sure to get some pics when I go.


:crying: :crying: :crying:!!! NO TINKERBELL’S GARDEN?!?!

OK YEAH, you MUST go back and see it!! Take plenty of pictures and play some of the drums for me. :happy:


Snow White topiary

(I thought the dwarf that was there was a little overdone)


The dwarf I didn’t like…


And now for my favorite picture of the night. We were taking our own picture in front of the Snow White topiary, were all posed, and right before I took the picture, Drew kissed me. I thought it was so cute! :wub:


For the final topiary, I give you Winnie the Pooh. :happy: