Spoodles Feb. 11 Part 2


What is everyone planning on wearing to dinner that night? Are we going park casual or are we excited to dress up? I’m fine with either one, I just don’t want to be the odd one out :mickey:


I’m going to be in Epcot all day,but I’ll probably bring a nice top in my back pack and change into it before entering the restaurant.


Ej, please. I am sure you will look radiant in what ever attire in which you find yourself.


I will probably just be in dressy casual clothes. Nothing too fancy, but more than jeans and a t-shirt. :mickey:


A big smile!


And nothing else!? You’ll be popular!:laugh:

Thanks bossmouse!:blush:

Gingita and Mickaholic, that’s good to know, I will probably do the same.


Red short pants, black shirt, white gloves, and yellow shoes…


What about orange with black stripes. :tongue:


If I were lucky enough to be going to this exciting evening, I’d have my mouse pals – Perla, Gus and Jacques – and their bluebird friends whip me up something really special, with whatever old fabric we could find lying around the house…

hmmm, if I could just find a strand of beautiful old beads to go with the dress… :tongue:


I am SO jealous of you guys.


Well, I packed a pair of jeans and a Disney t-shirt, I may have to re-pack. :eek: :mickey:


:laugh: :laugh: EJ–I will have more on-LOL! I would not want to spoil anyone’s appetite. However, since I have to be dressed to the nines every day at work, I will be in vacation mode…but “neat and pretty” nonetheless! :wink:




The Cavey clan will be wearing matching Hawaiian-Disney prints. The men sporting Mickey and Donald Hawaiian shirts. The ladies dressed in stunning Daisy & Minnie Hawaiian dresses.


I agree. It is vacation so I am going to stick with the jeans and a nice shirt. Comfortable but neat! :mickey:


Hmmm maybe Pete and I will go Hawaiian too.


i am going to epcot on feb 11, 2006 and i can’t wait to see erin. Oh! one more thing our family is a ap passholder.


I’ll be wearing something green to represent my envy since y’all willl be in WDW, and I won’t be. :wink: