Sports Bar?


We’re going to Disney the first weekend of November. I was thinking of visiting the ESPN Club to watch football, but want a backup just in case it is very busy. I had planned on the All Star Cafe at WWoS, but it under refurb until the middle of November. Any other suggestions?



Shula’s Lounge in The Dolphin has plenty of TVs for watching football (of course, since it IS Don Shula’s). Not sure about any other places.


A couple of questions about Shula’s…

  1. Is there a lounge area seperate from the restaurant?
  2. If so, does the lounge have different hours than the restaurant? The restaurant doesn’t open until 5 p.m.


The lounge is separate from the steak house. As far as the hours, it may just be open evenings, but I’m not really sure. Best bet - give The Dolphin a call or better yet - ESPN Zone.

Off-site there’s a Friday’s Front Row Sports Grill on International Drive not far from WDW Area. It’s pretty good and not all that far. The address is 8126 International Drive…

Good luck.


I know there is a Hooters too on the other side of Apopka-Vineland, but I really wanted something special :slight_smile:


Not to far from Downtown Disney on 535 at Crossroads, is Buffalo Wild Wings, also right around the corner from that is The Ale House, both great places to watch sports and with excellent food. BWW has a wall sized tv set-up.


DH has been wanting to try a BWW too since he has seen ads but we don’t have one locally. Thanks!


I hope you enjoy it. The food is excellent and their are tons of tvs with a million different games on. I’m not much of a sports fan, but they do have wrestling Pay-Per-Views, so I’ll have to try hitting one of them sometime.


This is even funnier. I decided to click one of their ads the other day to see what it was and if there was one in South Florida, which there isn’t. I did find two in the WDW area and was considering them as an alternative to room service pizza as they’re open till 1. I called to ask where exactly they were and was told they’re in that plaza across the street from the main gate and Hotel Row. We might be giving it a try next Sunday.


Please tell me how it is! We love Hooters and their wings, so I’m afraid that it just won’t compare. Of course, DH isn’t quite as picky as I am :slight_smile:


Tyffni, please don’t count on me to bring back a review. I’ve only got this on my plans as a late night backstop after the MK EMH. Of course, If I do get there, I’ll report back. Honestly, it looks like they have more variety in wing sauces than Hooters, so who can say.


I’ve been to Hooters and I’m really not a huge fan. The food was good, and the waitresses all have beautiful eyes, but I prefer BWW. But, I would pick Ale House for their Zingers over BWW any day.


I prefer ale house wings and zingers as well. BWW does have great specials though such as Wing Tuesdays and Boneless Thursdays. WARNING: Friday night is ladies night, which means a ton of highly intoxicated CP’s drinking for free!


Ale House is definitely a great place. They’ve got real beer selections and lots of TVs. They’re wings are also a lot better than Hooters. I’m not a huge fan of Hooter’s wings to begin with, nor the Wing House for that matter. If you’re out in the Tampa Bay area, I could tell you a hole in the wall sports bar that has the best wings in the Bay area! But, that’s not gonna help.

Back on topic. Your best bet is ESPN. There are really not a lot of other choices. You may be able to find a few games at Crew’s Cup next to the Yachtsman Steakhouse. But, ESPN is by far the best place on WDW property. GET THERE EARLY!!! Otherwise, you can hope for a few games in your room or you’re gonna have to drive off property for a sports bar.


I can’t stop staring at your avatar:eek:


I like Hooters.


Yeah, everyone knows you do, but they’re talking about sports bars. :rolleyes:
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Does anyone know if there is a Smokey Bones near there?


Yup, there is one in front of Publix on the corner of 535 (where Crossroads is) and 192. Go to Smokey and put in zip code 34746. The address for it is 2911 VINELAND ROAD.


We ate there in October 2005, just before we headed for home to discover just how bad Wilma damaged our home, luckily not too much, but we were without power for a week after we returned.
Food was good.
As to Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s now officially on the schedule for a late night alternate on Sunday after MK closes. Still not sure we’ll get there, look for the trip report.