Sports or Pop


Ok here is background My family is going and we have 3 boys 13,11, and 10 who love sports, ALL sports. That said we are leaning towards sports but I havent heard great things about it and I have about Pop so which would you choose?


I honestly don’t see much difference between any of the values other than Pop doesn’t share it’s bus and the resort is just bigger.


I stayed at Pop last August and liked it. I didn’t think it was that big. I was in the 90s building. It had it’s own pool. I walked across a parking lot to get to the buses and main building and it wasn’t that bad to the main pool either. Also being the only bus stop was a great plus. You knew once you got on the bus you were headed directly (except DTD) to wherever you wanted to go. Everything Pop was great and even at the busiest meal times I always managed to find a place to sit. Oh and I loved watching all the CM do the hustle.


I guess it depends really. I have never stayed at ASsports but I have stayed at ASMovies–and they are really the same thing. If your kids love Sports I’d stay there. I prefer POP to the All Stars now just because they don’t share buses and they don’t allow large sports and cheerleading groups to stay there either. However, they are all pretty much the same and it really depends on what type of themeing you prefer. I’ve had good and bad trips to the All Stars and at POP, so it’s a toss up.


I can’t compare Pop to the All-Stars, but for the most part you are looking at the exact same time of amenities and it really comes down to the theming that’s going to fit you best.

I would say go for Sports…if you know that your boys would love that theme, I think it’s going to appeal to them a lot more than Pop. (The theming of Pop can go a little over kids’ heads sometimes.)

I know a lot of people prefer Pop over the All-Stars these days, but I stayed at Movies right around the time when people started complaining about the All-Stars “going downhill” and had ZERO problems, it was a wonderful place to stay! :heart: I’m sure Sports will be great too!


All stars are great for the price. No problems when I went except for crowds, and they are everywhere!


Thanks soo much! Decisions Decisions~:confused: ! Well I dont mind these decisions at all.


Aren’t these the fun decisions to make? :happy: I know I sometimes let myself get stressed out over them, but then I realize I should be having fun!


We say pop.


I prefer POP as a parent, but I think my kids like All Stars better because of the theme.


diznygrl-you got it! These are the fun decisions!:blush:

daisee- I think that is how i will feel, I would prefer Pop, but I am sure my kids will like sports. Oh the sacrifices we make for our children:cool:

               Thanks again guys!:flowers:


What I do when trying to decide, is have the girls view the website … . they have “take a virtual tour” on the site, that allow you to look at the lobby, a room, the pools etc . . . let the kids decide!! It’s more fun when the whole family plans the vacation! :happy:

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I agree they are about the same. Stayed at AS Sports in 1996, it was very nice. Stayed at POP last November, it was very nice too.

POP is newer. But if you’re like we were, you are NOT at the resort long enough for it to make a difference.


This is a great idea too! That’s what I did with DH…showing pictures sure makes a big difference, and it helps get your family excited about the resort you pick!


I have stayed at both, recently. I would pick POP over Sports for the bus factor alone. We have not had positive experience with the All Stars buses. All 3 resorts share the same buses. They are crowded! You have to wait for several buses sometimes and at the end of a long day, that is the last thing you want to do.

I agree with the on-line tour and checking out as many pics as you can. They resorts are themed very similarly, and the rooms are too, so not too much different there.

I have pics of both in my past TR’s if you are interested, if not there are many resources online.

Good luck with your decision.


ASSports, ASMovies, ASMusic, and Pop are all exactly the same once you get under the skin, which isn’t that deep. The rooms are all exactly the same. The difference in the buildings is Pop are all 4 stories while All Stars are 3 stories. There are the same number of buildings in each, 10. But the All Stars are each 2000 rooms while Pop is 3000. Most of the mods are around 2000 except for French Quarter which is around 1000 and the deluxes are all 1000 rooms or less. So, All Stars, which share buses to all the parks except MK can be a nightmare with them serving 6000 rooms at the three hotels and depending on the time of day and year, even MK might be a shared bus. For food, they’re all pretty much the same menus in the food courts. As for trees, there aren’t many.


I love POP and I will definitely stay there again. For the next trip though we are staying at ASMo. My concern is the transportation issue. At POP we never waited long and didn’t share the bus with any other resort. I am concerned that we will have issues, especially in August!


We stayed at ASMu and while all 3 AS share busses, there seemed to be plenty of them. The only times we really had to wait was at park closings and if we had just walked around the park a little extra, we wouldn’t have had to wait. On our next trip, whenever that will be, we’ll be staying at ASMo because DS is totally excited about it. Unless of course, we don’t get to go before he outgrows Buzz!
I think if your boys are that into sports, you should go for that one, they’ll love it!
And SoundGod mentioned no trees and I don’t know about ASSp, but when we were at ASMu, we were on the backside of County Fair and our room looked out onto trees, so it was peaceful, a long walk, but peaceful.


Disney Transport tries to run buses no more than 20 minutes apart from any given stop to any given destination. That’s a minimum of 3 buses per hour. So, you should never have to wait longer than 20 minutes for a bus at any bus stop in WDW. When crowds are heavy, or around park closing times, they try to run more and buses are dynamically dispatched, not on static routes. That is, when a bus arrives at it’s destination park, it is often placed onto a different route than it just ran.


Well I took your advice and showed my boys the web site! Guess which one, Sports of course!! They are so excited and cant wait to go! Thanks again, great opinions!!:wub: