Spring Break Already - Kidani! Flights! Cruise!


Can you believe flights are out for spring break already? I was expecting SW/AirTran in a few weeks, but they are out now and we already booked.

Prices are higher, but it really seems like they are high to stay these days. There was only one nonstop flight out that worked with our schedule so we bit the bullet. It feels good to have it done.

Then this am was our 7 month booking window. Friends we are traveling with really wanted to do a savannah view at AKL, so we jumped on board with that too. This resort is a little dark in theming, but it has still been on our to do list. I am super exited about the thought of seeing the animals. We have 2 nights there prior to our cruise.

We have been booked for our cruise on the Fantasy since last December.

There is nothing left to do and the school year just started. Only us crazy Disney people. :laugh:


We absolutely LOVED AKL in June! It tops our favorite list right now. We loved the darkness of the resort after a day in the Florida sun. It relaxed us! My kids spent more time on the balcony there than we have in the room anywhere else. They were excited to go back to the room everyday to see the animals. We were at Jambo house.