Spring Break Crowds


I was curious when does Spring Break fall in your area this year? I know there can be a wide range.

Our school is the first week in April.


Ours here in Central Texas is March 13 - 17th. We’ll be at WDW that week!! Yay!!


ours is the week after easter…starts on the 17th I think.


Our’s is the 14th to the 23rd of April.


Ours starts the first full week of April…I think that would be like the 4th or 5th. We live in Indiana.


I can’t believe this post just showed. I just signed on to ask the same question. My husband hates crowds, but it looks like the best time to go would be during Spring breakl, so I was wondering if everyone else has the same as ours. Looks like not - Ours is the last week in March. From experience of others who regularly go on Spring break, how bad is it crowd wise?


We went April 4-8 2005 and had a great time.
We didn’t think it was too bad. BUT, we drove ourselves and did not use the transportation. The hotel pool was not bad, we took advantage of Fast Pass a lot. We had a great time. At counter service restaurants we were always able to get our food pretty quickly and we were always able to find a table to fit our party of 7. The only crowds that really got to me were at Animal Kingdom when we were walking through the safari area (not sure the correct name). People were rude and had no consideration for our stroller. This is why my first impression of AK was not a good one. We also took advantage of extra magic hours and it was great because we got to ride our favorite rides over and over again. I had no problem with spring break, but others, I’m sure, will disagree with that it’s not the best time to go. I just looked at it as “go with the flow” and don’t let people ruin my good time.


In 2006 our spring break will be the week of March 13th.


In our school district , we get off the Thurs. and Fri. before Easter and the Monday after. That is the general rule for all the districts in northeast PA, I think.


Oh boy. Here we go.

Guys, I hate to keep saying it but it’s true. No matter when you come to WDW, you’re coming to the best family spot IN THE WORLD. NUMBER 1. THERE IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE CROWDS. I was at MK last night. The 1st 2 weeks of December are among the deadest times on property, and even then last night WAS PACKED with people. But try to look on the bright side. It makes watching shows, seeing other attractions, etc. all the more fun and enjoyable when you’ve a crowd.

NOW. Spring Break. I’m going by what I saw THIS YEAR OF 2005, and it’s definitely going to be different for 2006. The last 2 weeks of March are EXTREMELY BUSY here on property. All resorts are full. Not as bad as Christmas, but you don’t get a lot of elbow room. Plan accordingly.

First 2 weeks of April gradually dwindle from the crowds of March until it’s almost empty again by the start of May, and then…SUMMER TIME GUESTS FROM ALL OVER! Funny how it always works this way: Busy, dwindles, empty, but the next week busy again!!! Don’t ever let me scare you guys off or force ya’ll to change your plans. I merely supply the information so you’re more prepared for when you do arrive. After all, it’s the most magical place on Earth. Are you going to let crowds of people ruin your fun? Didn’t think so. See ya’ll when ya’ll get down here!


I think ours starts March 18 and goes thorugh the 26… the week after my birthday, of course. :glare: I wish it was a week sooner!


When we went in March of 2004 (13th -18th) the first day was empty, the next three days were packed and the next 2 days were good. I think it’s too hard to judge for sure unless you are going the last two weeks of Christmas and the week of Easter, because you know those weeks will be packed, no doubt!

Other than that, one can only make an educated guess. One year we went on Memorial day and nearly had the MK to ourselves! We almost skipped that day because we were afraid it was going to be too busy. I’m sure glad we didn’t!


My birthday always falls around Spring Break(March 19th) and we went in 04 for my 30th B-day. I will NEVER EVER EVER go during that time again. It was so crowded . The hotel was actually ok, but MK was unreal !


I’ll have to make sure I post to see how it turns out for my one day there. I have been there in the middle of July also so I’ll see how it compares. I am surprised at how wide the range is for dates.


Ours always falls the last full week in March and as long as it’s not the Easter week, that’s when we go.

Bethishooked, it will be crowded (I think I saw the week rated 8-9 out of 10 on one crowd forecasting website). But… being March, it won’t be horribly hot and humid. And there will be extended hours.



Ours is the first full week of March, the week of the 6th.


Ours is the first week of April as usual. I just hope the interstates(or should I say parking lots) aren’t as bad this year.