Spring Break or Memorial Day?


I am still thinking about when the best time would be for a 4 day disney trip.

Here are the dates I am considering:

Spring Break
Any 4 consecutive days during the week of March 29 - April 5th
** March 28th is blacked-out day for seasonal passes. March 29 the passes are valid again ***


Memorial Day

May 23 - 26 (fri- Mon)

Which time frame do you think will be more crowded??? I am sure the resort prices will be about the same. We are cashing in our disney points so I am not too concerned about resort prices just yet.


I would def say that Memorial Day would be better. The kids are out of school for spring break. So there will be more people there. They will still be in school Friday the 23rd.


Is that first option Easter week? If so, avoid it all costs!!


We are going on Easter weekend this year for a 4 day trip. We know it will be crowded but it is less hot in March than May. We did Memorial Day this year and it was hot and those stupid love bugs were a pain. With either one if you have a strategy you can beat the crowds and have a great time!


It is Disney - I don’t know that the crowds will be that different. We did a Spring Break trip a few years ago and found the crowds manageable. Assuming either date works, I’d be looking at the weather conditions and travel costs.