Spring Break vs. Summer


I was planning a return trip for March 13-18, 2011. However, I looked on a site that has crowd predictions and it says it will be very busy that week due to spring break. I knew it would be busier but was hoping our spring break was earlier than most. Anyway my question is which is worse: slightly larger crowds or very hot summer weather? Anyone have any words of wisdom?


It’s been several years since we did spring break, but I can tell you that it was extremely busy. In fact, they closed MK one day that week because it had reached maximum capacity! We have gone a few times during the summer months, and while busy it was not nearly as busy as spring break. It is Florida, so of course the summer months are hot, but you can always escape the heat in the rides, buildings etc.


Ok, it won’t let me change the title. I guess it should be mid March or summer?


Go in the summer…last week of august is perfect. It’s hot, but the crowds are light and easy to manage. I did spring break once…never again unless there was no other possible time to go and even then I don’t think so.


I was at WDW this year during that same week and it was truly my least magical Disney trip. The crowds were quite large. We weren’t even really trying to ride a ton of rides but the number of people made it impossible to even just soak in the atmosphere and relax. We ended up skipping the Studios all together because when we arrived there the bag check line wound its way all the way back to the bus stops.

I have gone at the end of August as well and though it was hot, we just took a lot of breaks and I found it more pleasant than spring break.


I don’t think the time you are going is the crowded time of Spring Break. Our school district is at the end of March, and with Easter being in April, I think March 13th shouldn’t be that bad. We did springbreak (the week before Easter) last year for the first time, and have done August a couple of times. Really, I would pick March over August. You just have to be flexible. MK was so packed one day that we passed it up and stayed on the monorail. Eventually made our way to Epcot, where it wasn’t bad at all. During August, it is so hot and humid, I just remember everyone (not just our family, but all visitors) being so crabby, whereas March weather is beautiful.


Check when Easter falls this year.
If you’re considering March 12 through March 17 you might be OK and the weather will be a lot cooler that the middle of summer. I wouldn’t push it much past March 20 in terms of leaving for home.


My problem is that school starts around the middle to end of August here so the trip would really have to be June, July or first week in August. Since Easter is April 24th, I was hoping Spring Break might be a viable option.


We have been in June, and it is crowded, but not at all unbearable. I have done it two years in a row. It is hot, but you can swim, and it is mostly families. I think spring break appeals to a lot of teenagers running amuck in the parks… You can swim in summer, parks are open longer, no tour groups (if you hit the right month). Wait times in June are very bearable, and we can see everything that we want in a day. Just pick your time and go, and have fun!


I would definitely suggest March. We went the exact same week as your looking at and crowds were just moderate. Definitely not as crowded as summer. And the weather was perfect! If your spring break was closer to Easter, I would be worried. But yours is earlier than most so you should be fine.


Last year, I went in august. It was supper hot to me, i wasn’t used florida summer weather but most of the days we got a little of rain lasting about 10 mins and then it would be pretty normal for a while. But other then that i enjoyed it.


We’ve gone in August twice and it’s HOT, HOT, HOT!![COLOR=“Black”]I can’t see us going back that time of year. We’ve also gone the last two years during the latter part of Easter week and it wasn’t bad at all. Two years ago we went the last friday of Easter week and this past year we went the last three days of Easter week. We actually thought it was pretty empty. I’d say March would be a great time to go. Easter falls at the tail end of April this year. Our school districts Spring break is the first week of April. Have fun planning whatever week you choose.[/COLOR]


My DD and I went around the same time in 2009, the crowds weren’t bad at all then. We had a great time and I would rather go in March then August, the weather is much nicer and I would think the crowds would be less even if it is spring break than there would be in August when most schools are put for summer vacation.


Summer seems just as crowded as spring break, and it is HOT. At least in March, you will have the benefit of crowd-pleasing perfect weather!


We are going March 17-21 next year and I am hoping that the crowds are not as high as predicted since Easter is sooooo late in April. It was super easy to make ADRs so far but maybe I am just a planner.


we are going apr 8th thru the 20th next year …we usually go in apr …crowds are big but in my opinion still Ok …we have been so many times we plan our activities early in the day and at night …try to avoid the middle …just not that enjoyable


Summer isn’t too horrible. We have been in June the past 5 years and the ONLY negative I have is that the temp is the 3rd ring of ****. Upper 90’s every day every year. That part sucks, but otherwise, it is great. I can only imagine August is closer to the core of ****.